Australian Citizens can Now get a Taste of StrongVPN Data Protection

December 12, 2015

strongvpn - vpn serviceStrongVPN service is one of the most powerful land popular VPN services in the world. It is trusted by millions of users all over the globe. Now, the company has taken the mantle of offering secure VPN connections to the people in Australia who are finding it difficult to access certain sites because of the new stringent data retention laws. 

This offshore VPN service offers its customers over 87,000 unspecified IP addresses to access any website or blocked sites without revealing the user’s true IP address. You will have complete privacy when you make use of the StrongVPN service. You can enjoy total encryption and internet surfing security from StrongVPN.  

The data collection norms are getting more stringent as the days pass by. StrongVPN is not deterred by the stringent rules that are set by many governments all over the world and offers its users the freedom to surf any website online anonymously without any hassles or worries.  

The internet services in Australia are advised by the government to keep all the data records on hand, no matter it is an email or a chat conversation. This has really irked the regular internet users as they feel that their privacy is under stake. With StrongVPN service, you do not have to worry about being traced as all information is completely secure.