Attention! Avoid fraud messages from major companies

February 15, 2018

Attention! Avoid fraud messages from major companiesFraudsters have discovered a new method distributing their malicious messages by intentionally making grammar mistakes. In such a manner, fake mails are harder to detect that undermines major companies’ reputation and dignity.

As an example, fake Amazon electronic messages have contained false details or even nonordered goods. Generally, bogus mails have been sent from not official UK-based Amazon address.

Creative swindlers have been aimed at impelling victims to order the product by following an attached link. Typically, customers have been led to an authentic site also required to enter their names, addresses and credit card info. As a result, scammed users have been cleaned out.

Another example is PayPal service which has reported about increasing the number of phishing attacks. Hackers have assured of user’s account suspension by cause of unauthorized login attempt while offering a link to approve their details.

Such choice is accounted by targeting a wide area of internet users spreading panic and disorder. That’s why increased care should be taken while reading such messages and following provided links. What is more, utilize VPN service for exchanging private messages. By doing so, all traffic, passed through your device, will be encrypted with the strongest up-to-date encryption protocols. In such a manner, any hacker will have no possibility to track your internet activity and send ambiguous e-mails.