Android is put at risk by a ‘fake WannaCry’

June 13, 2017

online-securityThe research workers from Qihoo 360 have found out ransomware for Android, which reminds the notorious “WannaCry”. The malware applies the same alert with a ransom demand for frightening users and making them pay as soon as possible. Will Android be the next sufferer from "WannaCry"? But it’s the second best-selling OS after Windows.

The ransomware is spread through Chinese game forums under the mask of a plugin for a well-known game in China ‘King of Glory’. The ransomwares demand 40 yuans (about $6) which the users have to deliver with QQ or Alipay (Chinese services). It’s so incautious, isn’t it? Chinese law enforcement officials can trace them within minutes after the first transfer is made.

Besides the threats mentioned above, it has a great impact on the data of mobile devices because it is encrypted while the others just disable the screen. Cybersecurity researchers at ESET have analyzed the frequency of Android ransomware attacks. They have risen by over 50% in a year.

Using a good VPN service does provide a high degree of security. VPN is well-supported on the Android platforms and as well as with desktop computers your data will be thoroughly encrypted and your IP address will be hidden for all Internet connections.

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