Americans protect their personal information

May 14, 2018

Americans protect their personal information Are you curious to know how your fellow citizens live and what they concern about? According to the up-to-date information, online privacy and security are the key moment for the Americans nowadays. It is not surprising that people are involved in the process of enhancing security more because of cyber-attacks that have occurred recently. Besides, the increase of government surveillance makes people wonder.

As for the survey, about 1000 users of Hotspot Shield company providing the users with high level of online security take care of their data. Moreover, 84% of respondents consider at the moment they are thoroughly enlightened on this subject.

64% of users say the reason for keeping their personal information protected is new presidential administration. In addition, people realize the importance of securing devices as they are connected to each other containing private data.

What is more, users who have undergone cyber-attack or found his Yahoo account hacked take all security measures to prevent their personal data from being stolen once again. 52% of users are worried about companies which are able to store and collect personal information.

In fact, internet freedom is considered to be basic human rights. Unfortunately, recent events demonstrate the contrary. So if you ask the question how to make yourself safe, the answer is here. Use the up-to-date technology called VPN that enhances your level of anonymity and security making your look ahead with confidence.