American Government discusses new cybersecurity bill

May 14, 2018

Technologies keep up with the time that can be proved once again by US communications manager which aim is to improve security level for smart gadgets and compose it more problematic for hackers to break network-linked places. Unfortunately, the idea has not gained necessary support for further development due to the Donald Trump accession to presidency.

Going deep into the bill adoption, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has not authoritatively announced phases of the plan supporting American people, but Chairman Wheeler has summarized a program which will reduce the danger according to his opinion.

In his answer to Senator of Virginia Mark Warner Mr. Wheeler demanded the FCC, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the DHS’s National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center to report about mechanisms fixing vulnerable security. In addition, Tom Wheeler accorded the main ideas of new cybersecurity risk mitigation procedure where the FCC is committed to promote facilitation standards, which will be maintained and realized by ISPs which are charged with taking procedures to secure networks from unsafe devices, guarantee net protection and integrity.

According to this plan, American Government needs to organize a Cybersecurity Forum to integrate regulatory requests addressing to IoT in order to neutralize residual risk developing the legislative framework.

In such a manner, the offered plan will reduce the risk from harmful devices providing the arriving Trump administration with a guideline for further steps in this area.

Until then, Americans need to find other ways protecting their personal data against hackers, the best one of which is to use a reliable VPN service for the USA. It encrypts all data transported through the chosen service of any wished region that make more difficult for hackers to stole personal info. That way, utilizing a decent VPN, your home network will be protected by strong encrypted protocol and secured as never before.