Am I a law-breaker while using VPN? A new research has shown the results.

July 28, 2018

Am I a law-breaker while using VPN? A new research has shown the results. Being in step with the time is a great challenge that may be beyond anyone’s power. Nowadays only a client oriented company based on providing up-to-date information can manage customer needs. So it is not surprising that many companies suffer a repulse trying to hold its ground on the market. But at the same time is considered to be a prosperous service, which constantly meets even fastidious clients’ expectations. Actually, a recipe for success is as easy as ABC: to facilitate accessing to relevant information. Having gained reputation of a sought-after information service, the site provides users with recent news concerning modern cyber security technologies that help to keep abreast of the issue. Positive feedback encourage the team of to develop the project focusing on users’ preferences. That’s why today has prepared the answer to issue of concern “Virtual Private Network and its legality” allowing users to spike the interest and understanding of the topic.

What does a VPN mean?

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Virtual Private Network is a present-day output aimed at enhancing the level of security and anonymity. Using advanced protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, all the shared data is encrypted, so it gets inaccessible for any interested party. Moreover, one of the great VPN feature is to hide your real IP address allowing to access the services, which are restricted for some regions. On the whole, the benefits of a VPN can be listed below:

  • A good service provides a variety of servers located in different countries all over the globe. Having connected to one of the VPN servers, your true IP address assigned by your ISP is substituted with the server’s one. In this regard you have a chance to access geo-blocked or geo-restricted websites and other online services. Moreover, your authentic address will stay invisible for all the prying eyes including your internet provider and websites distributing cookies and java files that are dedicated for tracing you back with targeted ads. So, with this function you achieve internet freedom.

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  • A strong VPN is to create a secure tunneling with the help of up-to-date protocols, which are designed to transfer your data via the internet through the channel. In this case all your downloaded or sent information will be ciphered and routed through a strong tunneling, which enables adversaries and other unauthorized customers from interfering into your private life.
  • A reliable service offers logical terms of usage and privacy policy. Such a service doesn’t store any logging data or confidential information that can be further passed to any third party.
  • A customer-oriented provider bases its business on constant improvement, which means it continues widening its server park, putting in place new protocols for data protection, forcing into application some add-ons like ‘warrant canary’ or ‘kill switch’, which are to disconnect you from the internet in case there is an interruption with VPN servers or warn you about some eavesdropping committed over one of its servers.

Despite a VPN represents so many benefits that can attract any user interested in protecting personal data from being hacked, it may cause contradictions. The question that may arise is the legality of the modern output. Is a VPN in conformity with the law? First of all it’s necessary to define the laws of various countries and then assign a VPN with the appropriate status.




Current position


The Golden Shield Project also known as the Great Firewall of China is the Internet filtering system that blocks access to the forbidden resources of the Internet. They have the world’s most secure censorship software that blocks out a vast number of websites from neighboring countries.

Having visited the country, you know that any attempt to get access to Skype or your Google account will be in vain. The country is one of the strictest in terms of internet surveillance. Therefore, such additional tool as a VPN will be a good practice.


  • There is a new law on prosecution and financial responsibility, in amount of 4.465$, of Internet users visiting banned websites, such as Weebly, Vimeo, Github and 857 new ones.
  • Indian Competent Government Authority impinges upon online user right and keeps moving on towards authoritarian regime and absolute censorship. 
  • According to Wikipedia, over 200 websites have been blocked, including 1Fichier, Playwire, uploadsat, and The government in 2015 gave the order to have over 800 websites blocked. Most of these websites contain adult content.

Taking some preventive measures will be a right choice. Living in India you need a reliable service, which makes its best to make your protected online.


It got about that the president of UAE has endorsed a new law this year considering VPN usage. Using a VPN or proxy server today is known to be illegal. As a punishment a VPN user can be fined ($136 000-$545 000) or even imprisoned. Previously a VPN usage was legal for average users unless a felony commitment was covered up. 

So, only a strong VPN here is a good tool for overcoming the problem.

The US

Although the US is a highly democratic country, you might have heard that it makes up a list of ‘five eyes’ from ‘fourteen eyes countries’ (The US, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia,  Denmark, France, Holland, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Spain)*.

As soon as you are a privacy concerned customer, you need to care for your system protection in order to avoid government surveillance.


*‘fourteen eyes countries’ consists of three main groups:





The US, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia.

This is the UKUSA Agreement, which is dedicated to collecting, analyzing, and sharing data between two states. The countries follow an additional agreement not to spy on each other, but the statement has been multiply disproved.  

Five Eyes + Denmark, France, Holland, Norway.

Some more countries have been added to become part of the network.

Nine Eyes + Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Spain.

The network has been fatherly extended to fourteen states. They are known to be officially called Senior Europe. Military signal intelligence is stated to be exchanged between these countries. 


What does a VPN mean?This data indicates that VPNs are forbidden by law in many eastern and Asian countries due to some reasons related to their desire to control political regime, to preserve the religion, to store social morality stance. Worse luck is that the internet, which was designed by computer professionals as something that should unite people of different countries and believes, today is highly censored and restricted by a range of legislation acts. Accordingly, it’s highly difficult to give an unmistakable answer to the question of the output legacy. For citizens of one country it’s legal for others it’s forbidden by law. But it’s exactly clear that you need to safeguard your online activity from unauthorized interference.