Almighty FBI

July 11, 2016

FBI - National Security LetterWhile times are changing the FBI is still trying to enlarge the power, especially National Security Letter (NSL), an administrative order for gathering information for national security purposes, which is not required prior approval from a judge. If the amendments are approved, the FBI will be able to access to Internet records as well as browsing history which is called Electronic Communication Transactional Records (ECTRs).

According to the history of NSL, which is documented, the FBI has gone beyond orders for the last 15 years referring to NSL. It was intervened by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel in 2008 for defining the fact the claims were not supported by the law. But the amendment promoted by James Comey, FBI Director, would allow the FBI to receive all the necessary online information.

This information is a kind of people revelation, as it’s “almost like spying on their thoughts”. It would be a great mistake if the FBI got the right to obtain the information. Giving this power is even dangerous as it has mentioned above NSL doesn’t need any judicial approval. So it would be able to reveal the information from companies about the users and these companies would have to keep a still tongue in head.

In spite of the fact that it has lost the recent vote on the amendment, Senators John McCain and John Cornyn who sponsor it, are trying to repeat the action and bring it up for a vote again.

Today you have a chance to spread this information and help people to avoid awful consequences after adopting the amendment. Join them and find out the latest news about it.