Accenture survey: power stations will be attacked by hackers soon

August 31, 2018

Cyber-attack is not a new phenomenon in business sphere. And there is a good reason to believe electrical power engineering sector is the next sphere to be computer fraudsters’ main target. It is well-known that nowadays gaming and financial systems are tampered by hackers most frequently.

The attacks connected with power engineering are supposed to influence the electric power stations work.

It seems that there is nothing to steal in this sector, as power stations might not keep any interesting for hackers data. On the face of it, they only produce and supply people with electricity. And there are no reasons to attack such enterprises.

Nevertheless, the attacks may be connected with the fact that some adversaries want to use electric power with the aim of cryptocurrency mining. The cases when adversaries used torrent websites for mining are known. Thus, electric power stations will be more useful on this point. Besides, the theft of employees’ and clients’ sensitive information, enterprise data and intellectual property is probable.

Power suppliers consider that the most serious attacks will be connected with squeezing and data deletion. What is more, they reckon that the most threatening attacks will be by the request of the government.

Public opinion poll showed that 40% of respondents admitted they don’t pay much attention to the issue of cybersecurity, as this sector is less frequently attacked.

Nevertheless, all necessary precautions are to be taken. VPN technology is already used by some parts of electrical power engineering. It allows preventing any kinds of cyber-attacks and data leak, which is extremely vital, as cyber-threats toughed upon almost every business sphere.

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