5 Stunning Pros to Bulletproof Your Business Network

February 21, 2018

Holding a startup project or a mid-sized business you need to develop great care to your growing network protection. Over the past few years, the issue of network security has finally stopped being reserved for technogeeks and specialists.

Today the topic is of a top priority for everyone.

Companies that don’t provide their network with a sufficient level of security can come up with sufficient reputation and financial losses in case of hacker attacks. Average user’s credentials are usually stolen through third-party services, as it was with Google Docs and Yahoo.

But even in such circumstances the company’s name is disgraced and its clients remain dissatisfied.

Being one of the ratings-boosting services our primary activity field is to supply all the followers with the latest data on crying news in the sphere of cybersecurity.

5 epic pros to care for your net

The statistics has shown more than 60,000 new unique pieces of malware appear each day. With the ever-growing business network requirements a sturdy operation of all your workplaces combined by a corporate network is an ever-lasting challenge.

The main aim you are to peg at now is to pinpoint 5 key ‘whys’ for your workstations’ network defense:

#1   Business network infrastructure

Business scaling task has become easier with the introduction of public cloud services. The highly agile IT environment has allowed business companies for on-demand computer and storage. The business maintenance is stated to be boosted either through easier access to all the apps in use, etc. However, a non-organizational stakeholder can ruin your business privacy and security. Therefore, the top question for this should be : ‘How to protect my business cloud service?’.

#2 SaaS

Although your business company may have no cloud services in use, many of your employees run a vast variety of applications, which can distribute malicious infection. The applications provide your team with a possibility to work in cooperation over one and the same document or table without leaving home. Nevertheless, important confidential data can be leaked from one of the accounts without the service’s holder knowledge. The question to ask here is: ‘How to protect my confidential data?’.

#3 A stepped-up devices number

Self-sourced laptops, mobile and smart phones, PCs, tablets, iPads, iPods, routers, boxes, IoT ¾ all of them are commonly used by your employees and require extra attention. Either owned by the organization or not, all the devices can contain top-secret business information, which should be thoroughly protected from any interference or leakage. Taking into account the latest DDoS attacks committed with the use of zombified smart gadgets, you need to stay on pins and needles. Thus, the main decision-making question here is: ‘How to protect all the devices?’.

#4 Your identity

You might be shocked, but your online identity is a titbit for computer fraudsters and your direct competitors. Identity can be compromised even after you have invested vast sums in security tools and equipments. The latest research in the sphere has shown that the easiest way to drag out the information is to base on human fault, such as following an unchecked link. These potential consequences should make you ask: ‘How can I proof my identity is protected?’.

#5 Ever-updated information environments

Current business faces tens of thousands of newly appeared online threats. And even with ever-improving security tools you might be subjected to a new issue. Unfortunately, it’s pretty impossible to foresee all the malicious scenarios. Usually security administrators are to analyze the up-to-date state of things within your network environment to be prepared for the worst case. However, you shouldn’t forget to make all your apps and platforms well-time updated. The main question here is: ‘How to respond to the newly appearing threats?’.

One more reliable way for protecting your business network is to supply it with the best and most reliable VPN service. Besides the three general terms as security, privacy and anonymity, the service is managed to move your business performance to a new level. Having implemented the top-notch solution, all your freelance employees as well as the office ones will be protected from smaller mistakes, which can lead to huge business problems.

A high-quality VPN service will allow for:

The 5 common reasons have been demonstrated as just several ways of the future scenario. Being a business owner you need to stay informed on all the vulnerabilities that may arise in your network environment. The internet is overloaded with multiple websites dedicated to the issue.

However, we bend every effort to help you stay informed of emerging and spreading vulnerabilities and thus protect against all the stunning issues. So, keep up to the latest events in the sphere of cybersecurity, and you’ll manage to overcome the challenge.