4 additional Gmail features for striving with malware

June 01, 2017

vpn for email servicesGmail users have become known to be supplied with additional protective technologies for dealing with malware in attachments, and then some.

Its up-to-date security features include:

  • machine learning usage for defining phishing malware before it can cause harm;
  • malicious links quick-time warnings;
  • warnings for uncontrolled external replies;
  • protection against malicious attachments.

If talking about the latest defensive function, spam signals are now correlated with attachments of a sender to size up the presence of unrevealed bleeding-edge malware alternatives. Thus, the creators asserted its clients to stay unquestionably protected against ransomware and attached malware.

It has also become clear that the company achieved about 99% efficiency in junk-mail detection due to the usage of machine learning. As one can see, the automatic protection run by the company is being continually improved.

email servicesHowever, an average office employee might have already come across the issue of inability to get access to his/her Gmail account while being on a business trip. The problem comes from the government censorship policy. There is a series of countries where such search systems as Google and all the outgoing apps are block or geo-restricted. And despite the protective measures of the app are being constantly enhanced, you won’t have a possibility to run the e-mail there. Nevertheless, with the use of the best VPN for email services you will manage to unblock the service and run it, as if you were at home. Having connected to the internet through the service, three bonuses are to be achieved by you:

  1. Your true address is substituted with a VPN server’s one, which enables you to run your ‘home’ network wherever you are physically.
  2. All your generated upload/download traffic is to be routed through a secure tunneling created with the use of PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and AES 256 bit-key. This will make your correspondence inaccessible for any adversaries.
  3. You will be supplied with a high level of anonymity, as long as your authentic address is hidden and all the traffic is encoded.