30% of Web Users Are Afraid of Personal Data Leakage Today

December 12, 2017

Web Users Are Afraid of Personal Data Leakage Today Despite the fact that the cyber security sphere offers a wide variety of up-to-date protective outputs, the majority of internet users still don’t worry about their online protection. According to the latest official data, more than half of interviewed security professionals are interested in their organizations’ security upgrade.

Delving into the details, about 24% of respondents prefer taking security measures on case-by-case basis, rather than shifting responsibility on the business owners and C-level executives (the best option for other 46%). The rest of the interviewees rely on their managers (19%), peers (5%), or even ignore the security issue (6%).

On top of that, the main issues of today’s state of cyber security have been also determined. First of all, it has become transpired that the greatest threat is posed by reputational and financial damaging to the respondents and their companies. Secondly, the poll has educed a motivation to improve safeguard skills by addressing a managed security services provider (MSSP).

In addition, 30% of interviewees have undergone personal info theft as the most worrisome impact of cyberattack or data leakage. The list is completed with ransomware, which is considered as one of the most unsettling problem.

If speaking about the nature of cyberattacks, a large number of the interviewees face difficulties coming from external threats, rather than internal ones.

Taking all the results into consideration, you need to pay attention to VPN services. It’s an open fact that this defensive technology gains popularity due to its awesome benefits. In such a manner, VPN can be your online life savior protecting you against external cyberattacks and data leakages.