3 ways to stream Netflix with VPNArea

April 08, 2017

stream Netflix with VPNArea VPNArea never fails to amaze its clients! Today it has become known that access to Netflix’s original streaming content has been restored and now the media library is available from any part of the globe. What is more, the company has also upgraded the UnitedKingdom-0-NFLX server for guaranteeing its instant availability for the UK citizens too.

In order to restore the full access, you need to update the geo-location list by keeping up with the steps listed below:

#1 For Mac/Windows users

Pick the “Home” section of VPNArea control panel and click to “Update Servers”.

#2 For Android devices

Click “Menu”, then pick “Server” and “Update Servers” commands.

#3 For iOS/iPhone/iPad users

First of all, you need to delete the NFLX add-on from your OpenVPN Connect. Once done, you need to open the app, tap to the Refresh button and reimport the needed server in the OpenVPN Connect App.

Using the VPN service for routers, the configuration process will be automatically set by the service provider, which is to let you stream the channel without any preparatory settings.

What is more, you can select different American servers for boosting average speed rates while streaming Netflix. VPNArea offers the following locations that are suitable for Netflix USA unblocking:

  • USA-0-NFLX (San Francisco, CA, USA);
  • USA-1-NFLX (Dallas, TX, USA);
  • USA-0-NFLX-EU-Hub (London, UK);
  • USA-1-NFLX-EU-Hub (Amsterdam, Netherlands).

In such a manner, having subscribed for VPNArea, you are able to stream Netflix worldwide for a fairly law price. This service grants everything needed for browsing the web freely and safely. If you have any difficulties with the settings, you can contact the technical support via the live chat, which is available on their official website for getting further recommendations. We wish you pleasant viewing with this customer-oriented product.