2/3 of the affected ran Windows7: 3 child’s play steps to keep your OS protected

May 14, 2018
Last updated: 14/05/2018

2/3 of the affected ran Windows7: 3 child’s play steps to keep your OS protectedWannaCry ransomware has recently created a sensation among security experts and average customers. According to the latest estimate more than two-thirds of all the attacked ran Windows7 OS without any security upgrades.

Today the researches force is aimed at detecting earlier traces of the ransomware. Unfortunately, the threat stays active in the most stricken regions, such as China and Russia. The computer professionals suppose it will help them figure out the malicious code creators and eliminate the problem.

More importantly, the researchers believe the ransomware will cause even more damage after its weaknesses will be fixed by the hackers. Besides, it has become clear that the infection has an effect on all the computers of the same network without human interaction in case one of the connected devices running the OS is hit.

Whereas computers based on XP version are not able to spread the disease over the network, which reduces the risk of heavy exposure.  The latest Windows version’s infection rate falls behind the 7th one.

Therefore, if your systems haven’t been affected yet, you need to check the following settings:


  1. The latest security patch should be installed on your computer;
  2. A file sharing feature called SMB should be disabled on your computer;
  3. All possible security measures should be initiated by you personally.

When speaking about security measures, you can provide your system with a VPN service for Windows, which is to make everything possible to keep your identity, as well as all the generated traffic, in safety.