21 bugs are known to have been patched in Chrome browser

October 17, 2016

21 bugs are known to have been patched in Chrome browserToday even an average Internet user is concerned about online protection. Thus privacy enhancements are being developed by many Internet companies in this regard. Nevertheless, any invention has a dark side that’s why any user should keep eyes open and look thoroughly at any application he/she downloads.

Another piece of news can be staggering for you: twenty one bugs have been patched in Google’s Chrome browser. It is known to have been paid $29,133 for the bugs by Mountain View. A cross-origin bypass and a user-after-free are considered to have affected the Blink engine. Google is stated to reveal no other details on the topic.

Further information access has been restricted by Google until third party libraries are fixed. The latest fixes can be achieved by a user by updating chrome up to version 54. So, the details on the bugs will be restricted until the majority of users are to update their versions.

So, if you want to be safe while using the Internet you should follow the latest news and update your apps’ versions as regularly as it is possible. Moreover, you can pay attention to some outstanding outputs in security sphere, such as VPNs for Opera or Mozilla browsers to stay even more protected while surfing the network.