The mixture of VPN and uTorrent for a secure downloading

November 03, 2017

“I know what you download” reminds the name of the movie shot in a horror genre. This phrase is well known for torrent users as it is the name of the website targeted at identifying torrent users’ IPs.

The website presents the list of torrent files, down- and uploaded by means of a concrete IP. This website poses to spy on your acquaintances and is ready to collaborate with the right-holders and the authorities. The service also offers the way to spy on a concrete user within 24 hours. To do it, one should send a masked link and wait until the person uses this link. In the description of this website it is said that the database contains over 500 hundred torrent files, and over 700 million facts of up- and downloads are monitored per day. The problem is serious, isn’t it? The website may be used by the local authorities to find you and advance a claim for downloading of copyright-protected material. The troubles can be considerable not only for your financial condition, but for your psychological state as well.

But first of all, let’s study, what uTorrent is.

What is uTorrent?


 uTorrent is a torrent downloader or torrent client used for file-sharing among the internet users. Its principle is “Minimum size – maximum facilities”.The process of torrenting is really marvelous because of: 


 uTorrent will not take up much space of the hard drive of your device. No more than 2 MB is required. It is installed in a matter of minutes and will not use the system resources of your gadget in vain.  


The process of torrenting by means of uTorrent client will not slow down the speed of your internet activity. It is possible to continue torrenting in a fast and effective way.


 uTorrent is in the list of the most powerful torrent clients, as it provides users with numerous built-in facilities: scripting, remote control, automatic functioning, etc.  



Latest movies, series, songs and what not will become yours, immediately after you start downloading. With uTorrent it will not be a problem anymore to watch any content you like.


 Fast loads with automatic management are at your disposal with this torrent client.  


uTorrent is a program for torrenting, which is absolutely ad-free.It is very beneficial for torrent client users, as ads can slow down the speed of loading. 


 Downloaded files conversion is available for you with this torrent client.

Nevertheless, not everyone will be given a chance to evaluate fascinating functions of uTorrent client, as it is available in three versions: free, ad-free and pro.


You will not have to pay for the first version even a cent, but in this case the number of facilities is limited. Still, you can become an active torrent user, downloading and uploading torrent files. Nevertheless, uTorrent free version lacks fast loading, and you can spend hours on torrenting.


For the second variant of uTorrent you will have to pay $4.95 per year. This variant is the best choice if you don’t want the process of torrenting to last hours. It is possible, as this version is ad-free. Apart from fast loading, you will experience a great use of uTorrent client, as the pop-ups with ads will not annoy you anymore.


The annual subscription to uTorrent client will cost $19.95. But it’s nothing as compared to the facilities it offers you. All the best functions are at your disposal for this moderate price. 

uTorrent characteristics

Status free, $4.95, $19.95
Release date September 18, 2005
Latest update June 22, 2017
Version 3.5.0
Operating system Windows, Android, Mac
Interface languages 54 languages
Official website



Possible threats

From time to time torrent websites are closed because of copyright issues. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you are going to broadcast a movie or a cartoon you have downloaded before on your account in social networks or at the cinema. But nevertheless, there are people who do so. To earn money they use copyright-protected material. Some create groups in the social networks such as facebook, others play movies on the big screens of cinemas. Thus, having downloaded such product one may undergo the threat to be caught. The authorities can’t read minds, so they have to punish everyone, who target at torrenting. 

Penalties for torrenting in different countries:

logousa If the resident of the USA makes attempts to download by means of torrent technology, he will get six notices. In case the person continues torrenting, the ISP takes measures – slows down the speed or gives a preventive talk with an infringer.
logouk The policy of the UK reminds the American one, as the authorities send a notice. But the difference is that British residents have only one chance to turn over a new leaf. If the person ignores such measures, he can be fined up to £ 50.
logogermany Germany is the country, which conducts a very strict policy regarding this issue. The German authorities fine torrent lovers up to €800 for downloading torrent files.

VPN is the best way-out. Why?

The subscription to a trustworthy Virtual Private Network is definitely the best way to torrent safely. A VPN is a technology that allows hiding users’ IPs from internet providers, authorities, the government, etc. It is so important to take measures to hide your IP while torrent, because IP on the Internet is like a fingerprint. It means that is serves to identify the personality of a user downloaded a torrent file. Thus, it is dead easy to find and punish a uTorrent consumer.

The combination of an outstanding torrent client uTorrent and a reliable VPN will help you to torrent securely and anonymously. Let’s study the facilities of this combination:

  • total anonymity, as your IP is changed into an IP of the country you have chosen. At the same time, your real IP is encrypted.
  • security on the Internet. All torrent files you load are encrypted by means of various methods (usually 256-bit encryption).
  • access to blocked torrent trackers. Some trackers are blocked for this or that country because of censorship policy conducted by the country. Having chosen the best VPN for torrenting, you will access such torrent websites easily.
  • no malware on your device. Sometimes torrent files contain malware. VPN makes it impossible to download the files with malware.

Having studied the argument we have presented, one may conclude, that it is high time to subscribe to a VPN. The rating presented below will help in it: