Mining cryptocurrency became available on ‘The Pirate Bay’, but you won’t benefit from it

November 02, 2017

People took a closer look at miners built in web browser 6 years ago, but the authorities regarded such activity as illegal one, because the services used the computers of internet users without their knowledge.

On Saturday gone by, ‘The Pirate Bay’ users caught sight of the fact that the load of processor increased. It involved a cryptocurrency miner, which was built into a website code with the help of JavaScript. The miner operated by means of CPU duty of ‘The Pirate Bay’ clients.

According to ‘The Pirate Bay’ owners, the platform wasn’t hacked, as it was a test of a new monetization model, which lasted only 24 hours. The reason of such actions is the idea to use a built-in miner instead of commercial on the torrent tracker ‘The Pirate Bay’.

If you want to block the miner, it is necessary to disable JavaScript after installation of add-ons for a browser (NoScript or ScriptBlock, for example). One more variant to block the miner is to add URL to the black-list. The last variant is not the most reliable one as the URL can be changed not once.

‘The Pirate Bay’ is not the only platform that was tested for cryptocurrency mining. There is a great number of websites used with this end in view. The process of mining isn’t difficult to identify as it influences the speed. In this regard, the developers try to inculcate miners in the websites assigned to watching streaming video, playing games and torrenting. These services make the system load-carrying and as a result a miner isn’t identified. Moreover, computer users spend much time surfing such services, which is very beneficial for the miner owners.