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5 Best VPN services for Linux

Last updated: 29/11/2018
David Balaban

David Balaban

David Balaban is a computer security researcher with over 15 years of experience in malware analysis and antivirus software evaluation. He has published his articles on such online media as Hackernoon, Tripwire, Infosecinstitute, and Cybrary.

If you love to be different and unique, you probably love to use your Linux operating system. Linux is becoming more and more popular because it is much more affordable, more customizable and easier to use than most operating systems.

However, every Linux user should think about making his internet connection more secure and reliable. Here are the best VPN providers for Linux:

  1. ExpressVPN - a nice VPN with no-logging policy and 256-bit encryption.
  2. NordVPN - a provider with more than 4700 servers, unlimited bandwidth and robust encryption.
  3. CyberGhost owns 3000 servers all around the globe and 45-day money-back guarantee.
  4. VyprVPN offers 5 simultaneous connections and more than 700 servers worldwide.
  5. IPVanish - an outstanding VPN for Linux with strong encryption protocols.

Linux is the only operating system that allows you to add on and remove programs or apps the way you please and to do it mostly for free. You can use Linux to create a computer for the sole purpose of streaming content or to suit your unique writer talents.

When you use Linux you get the best possible freedom and you can create an operating system that functions the way your mind does so you can work easier and live easier.

Why Linux?

Linux OS was created in 1991 and gained its popularity immediately.

Do you know why?

There are some reasons:

  •  Linux is free

The majority of distribution kits for Linux are free. Whereas all Windows versions are paid, Linux is offered absolutely free. Someone may argue saying that it is possible to download Windows on the Internet, but such files are pirated and those who managed to download them, may be accused of crime. It is not worth running risks when there is a chance to use Linux free.

  •  No viruses

There are millions of viruses and malware created to infect Windows devices. Linux is not perceptible to viruses. As for 2017, only 2% of Linux devices  were targeted by ransomware.


  • The fastest OS

Thanks to the facility to disable some programs, it is possible to experience the best speed. Moreover, Linux may be installed almost on any gadget notwithstanding its technical characteristics.

  • Fantastic apps

One more outstanding feature of Linux OS is the possibility to install applications in a matter of seconds. You will not have to possess IT skills to install the program you like.

Why you should be using a VPN service for Linux?

Linux is fantastic. There are thousands of apps that you can install and you can do just about anything which includes music and movie downloads, gaming online, software alterations and much more. But because Linux is so versatile, it is also incredibly fragile. You can easily download and install a virus and someone can easily hack into your personal files. You can also get into a lot of trouble quite fast when you download content that you are not allowed to download or access websites from your Linux device that is restricted in your area. 

A VPN service is just what you need to help you stay completely safe online because VPN services helps you hide your IP address and location so no one will ever know that you are accessing a restricted webpage. VPN services also keep all of your online activities, encrypted and anonymous no matter what app you download and no matter what you stream. To top it off, you will be completely protected from internet hackers who might want to access some of your private information by hacking into some of the apps on your computer. But that is not all; VPN software also helps you maintain great connection speeds no matter what type of connection you use and no matter what content you download or stream so you can enjoy the internet to the fullest.

How to apply for a VPN for Linux?

It is incredibly easy to get VPN protection for your Linux operating system because all the top VPN service providers have already created great and handy VPN software that is compatible with your Linux system. All you have to do is find the right VPN service, register online and buy your membership from your VPN service provider after which you can download the Linux compatible software or app. The Linux VPN software is easy to install and completely user friendly. You can be completely protected within minutes and enjoy great online protection no matter what you do online.

The top five VPN services for Linux

Only the best VPN service providers support Linux operating systems because only they realize the potential of Linux and only they know how much you love to be free to change your operating system the way you please. Here are the top VPN service providers that support Linux: 

1 winner
/ 5.0

vpn first

As the name of this provider suggests, this VPN service offers excellent internet speed servers with 99.9% uptime guarantee. This makes ExpressVPN one of the best VPNs for everyone in terms of server speed. Apart from tunneling speeds, ExpressVPN has a wide server network (1500+) that is located in 94+ countries. This VPN offers excellent customer support and strict no logging policy.

Some of the key features of ExpressVPN are:

  • unlimited server switch, data and bandwidth;
  • the option to choose from 5 tunneling encryption protocols;
  • reliable 256-bit encryption;
  • 3 devices simultaneous connection;
  • a 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • free apps for every popular OS and devices.

If you are in search of a good VPN provider, opt for ExpressVPN and surf the Internet securely.

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2 place
/ 5.0

Nord VPN is a great security service. Double encryption afforded by this VPN provider makes your sensitive data effectively protected while being online. More than 4700 servers in 62+ countries on all the continents, except Antarctic, are held and the number is being grown.

The best features of NordVPN are:

  • unlimited speed and bandwidth;
  • SmartPlay facility to unblock streaming services worldwide;
  • simplest installation and user-friendly navigation;
  • in-built kill switch for your convenience in operation;
  • multiple connections up to 6 devices together;
  • IKEv2/IPsec protocol with AES-256-GCM encryption;
  • compatibility with all known operating systems;
  • specially developed VPN extensions for Firefox and Chrome browsers;
  • professional online support for NordVPN customers.

Try it and you will enjoy all the opportunities it brings. After all, NordVPN offers a period of free trial, so it is possible to try this VPN free.

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3 place
/ 5.0

While looking for the best VPN for your needs, you should consider CyberGhost  VPN. Getting a lot of features for reasonable pricing monthly is what makes CyberGhost VPN one of the cheapest VPNs of all time. What is more prominent is that the VPN provider offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for those who want to check if it really works the way it should be. Boasting more than 900 servers around the globe, this VPN provider ensures fast connections. Like many of its kind, this VPN provider uses double encryption system making it reliable and secured. CyberGhost is a respectable VPN service for keeping internet connecting secure, private and anonymous.

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4 place
/ 5.0

This is a VPN service offered by Golden Frog, an internet data storage provider. VyprVPN offers:

  •  Blazing server speeds with unlimited bandwidth, IP address and any time free switching between its servers.
  •  Has over 700+ servers located in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.
  •  It makes use of popular encryption protocols to ensure online security and supports a wide range of platforms, portable devices and routers.

As it is based in the US, you can make use of its US servers and its free shared IP addresses to access popular American shows even from outside the US. 

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5 place
/ 5.0

As a technologically advanced user, you stand to gain immensely by subscribing for this VPN service. With IPVanish you will access geo-restricted websites and channels. You will also be able to bypass all the government’s censorship hence giving you an opportunity of accessing the internet as the rest of the world is.

With IPVanish you can enjoy access to over 1000 high-speed servers located in over 60 countries. Your protection is assured by the SHA-256-bit authentication and the 256-bit AES encryption. In addition to this, there are zero logs and a 7-day money back guarantee. So, no data leaks can be experienced while using the service for being fully protected online.

It seems that the best features of IPVanish are:

  • 1000+ ultra-high-speed servers all around the world;
  • Strong encryption protocols;
  • Multi-platform compatibility.

Try to be free on the Internet!

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If you use Linux, VPN would not be out of place

In spite of the fact that Linux is more reliable and stable operating system, it is not perfect. The OS has some vulnerabilities, that help cyber-criminal to attack devices running on Linux.

For example, OpenSSL software bug  led to the information lose. The vulnerability was called “Heartbleed”. The adversaries could get passwords and user sensitive data.

If only Linux users were subscribed for one of the VPN services presented in the article, it would be possible to steer clear of such troubles.

In such a way, VPN subscription is the necessity even for such stable and reliable OS as Linux.

How to choose the best Linux VPN client?

Choosing the best VPN service for Linux can be tough since there are so many terrific VPN service providers out there.

Consider security – The first thing you should be considering when you choose a good VPN service is the security. The more security protocols they use and better encryption software they have, the more secure you and your Linux will be. You should also look out for VPN service providers who allow P2P when you love to download because these have some of the best securities and they keep no user logs in order to secure some of their client’s online safety.

Get the most features – Choose a VPN service that offers a great variety of features such as simultaneous connections on more than one device, fast network speeds, online anonymity and more.

Think over server locations – If you love to enjoy a great variety of content on your Linux then it is best to choose a VPN service that has a lot of server locations because you will be able to access any website or content from anywhere in the world.

Pay attention to the functions – For those who appreciate the best security, the functions VPN services offer are important. No one would like to pay for the service that lacks some features like split tunneling, automatic kill switch or Wi-Fi protection. Only reliable services possess these functions.

Consider price – Price is also important because some VPN service providers are incredibly expensive. When you are looking for the best then try and find a service provider that offers great online security, great server coverage and affordable rates.

Reviews can also give you a great idea of the best possible VPN service for your Linux and can help you find out if your VPN service is worth their salt or not. 

Best VPNs for Linux conclusion

There is no doubt that Linux is one of the best existing operating systems, as it …

… is absolutely free

… offers excellent apps and distribution kits

… is not prone to malware and viruses

… provides with fantastic speed

The number of Linux users changes year in and year out. In 2017 the number decreased and was 27.55 million people.


The need to use VPN clients for Linux becomes more relevant, as the new ways of cyber-attacks appear. If you do NOT want to become in the list of hacking victims, choose the best VPN for your Linux device.

Feel free to leave comments if you have some questions or just want to share your ideas regarding the topic.

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David Balaban
David Balaban
October 25, 2016 5 

You could configure the VPN directly on your network router. All devices connected to the router will be connected to the VPN. Concerning desired IP address, you need a VPN which maintains servers in Nigeria ( – is a range of addresses located in this state). We recommend you to use purevpn as it's one of the best services for Nigeria.

November 13, 2017 2 

I’ve studied the list of vpns for linux and haven’t found any to use for free. Can you help me to find a free vpn for linux?

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
November 15, 2017 0 

Good afternoon, Dameon. Thank you for giving a tumble. If you want to use a VPN for Linux free (without payment), you are to think twice. I would advise you to read the article about the best free VPN services 2017. But I strongly recommend you to have a closer look at paid services like ExpressVPN, Nord or CyberGhost, for instance. If you do not want to pay for service at once, it is possible to test a VPN thanks to a period of free trial, which usually lasts from 3 to 30 days. Try at least one VPN for Linux and protect your gadget forever.

November 06, 2017 3 

Mr. Adamson, thank you for writing such an interesting article. I have heard about the vulnerabilities of Linux system, but I had not taken them seriously until the moment I was hacked.
Now I have a question for you: would a VPN client for Linux protect my laptop in case of the following error codes: CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-0160? I will be much obliged if you take notice of my question.

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
November 08, 2017 1 

"Pablo, your question is very serious and I suppose our readers could face such problems before. These errors are connected with the Linux vulnerabilities, which are called “Heartbleed” (CVE-2014-0160) and “Sherlock” (CVE-2014-6271). These errors are very unsafe for Linux users, as the adversaries may use the targeted devices remotely. It may lead to the data leak, which is very troublesome for both companies and individuals. Having subscribed to the VPN for Linux, a user will be protected against such attacks. What is more, even in case some data were stolen, the criminals will not manage to use your data, as they are reliably encrypted. "

James Emadoye
James Emadoye
October 21, 2016 2 

I need a site to site vpn that will provide me with the following parameters:

VPN Tunnel Endpoint IP address 196.6.103.x
IKE Encryption (DES, 3DES, AES) AES 256
port 500
Authentication Method (MD5, SHA) SHA
Diffie-Helman Group (1,2,5) 5
Security Association Lifetime 28800
IPSEC Encryption (DES, 3DES,AES) AES 256
Authentication Method (MD5, SHA) SHA
Diffle-Helman Group (1,2) 2
Security Association Lifetime (Sec) 1800
Perfect Forward Secrecy (Yes, No) Yes
PFS Diffie-Helman Group (1,2,5) 5
Host Ip 196.6.103.x

October 25, 2016 5 

You could configure the VPN directly on your network router. All devices connected to the router will be connected to the VPN. Concerning desired IP address, you need a VPN which maintains servers in Nigeria ( – is a range of addresses located in this state). We recommend you to use purevpn as it's one of the best services for Nigeria.