LimeTorrents content and how to search for it

October 31, 2017

LimeTorrents is a fairly great search engine of torrent material which is located on the Internet space. The torrent website was first launched in 2009 and now it is fairly popular among torrent users around the network. Why? The first reason might be a user-friendly interface which appeals with its simple searching ways and colorful design. The second one is the torrent categories offered for search: anime, apps, games, movies, music and TV shows (they seem to be the most frequently shared within such networks).

A short guide into LimeTorrents content links

As it was noted above, LimeTorrents is a service that allows people to search for links to torrent content and does not store any torrent files. Offering a dead simple algorithm of searching, LimeTorrents provides a wide range of torrent categories to find for downloading. Have at the content you may find with LimeTorrents.

Films with LimeTorrents

The website offers more almost 1500 000 movie torrents. Any film lover will find a torrent to his or her taste. It is notable that the movie content on LimeTorrents is safe-family oriented that is why there are no links to porn files. One can find mainstream movies ‘’Pirates of the Caribbean’’ and ‘’Captain America’’. Still, one needs to apply a VPN or Proxy to unblock LimeTorrents in some countries.


Games with LimeTorrents

One can find game torrents available for PCs, Macs, PS2, XBOX360 and other platforms on LimeTorrents. All in all, there are almost 250000 torrent links to multiple games. With the variety of games that can be downloaded from there, any gamer can be pleased with the service. At the same time, a VPN is in demand for unblocking LimeTorrents in some countries.


Music with LimeTorrents

More than 600 000 music torrents are waiting for downloading. The number includes not only poplar music tracks, but also music videos that can be found there.


Applications with LimeTorrents

One may also find dead useful torrents with applications for Windows, Mac, Unix and other platforms. The number of applications torrents achieves almost 700 000 of them.


Among other categories offered for downloading from LimeTorrents are TV shows, anime, e-books, pictures, comics and audio books.

How can I search for torrents on LimeTorrents?

It is dead easy to find a torrent on LimeTorrents which can be performed in a few ways:

  1. You may type in or insert the title of a movie or game if you know it exactly, filtering search by putting a tick near a movie or game category.
  2. It is also possible to click on the torrent category and perform the search directly from there.
  3. Besides, one can browse the latest or top torrents visiting special section on LimeTorrents website.

Note: It is worth noting that like other torrent websites, LimeTorrents is often blocked in some countries that’s why an additional tool is needed to bypass restrictions. They say that a VPN is good variant for it. The service would be also helpful to hide a real IP address of a torrent peer.

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