KissAnime – fabulous website for anime amateurs

November 01, 2017

If you are interested in hand-drawn animation from Japan, you will definitely adore this website. Bright colours, up-to-date scenarios and gripping images are the peculiarities of KissAnime content. This site is specially created for those who want to watch anime cartoons on-line or download them. According to this website downloading is legal.


This portal is absolutely free but the process of downloading from KissAnime portal is very time-consuming. To increase the speed you may pay and the sum is really small. KissAnime is also full of commercials which make anime cartoons watching almost insufferable. They give us an opportunity to get rid of these adds at extra cost.

The library of KissAnime is utterly impressive: numerous shows from the periods of 1970s-2000s, contemporary anime cartoons and series. Users of all ages will find something that meets their demands. But parents of small kids should be very allowing their kids to visit this website as there is too much material inadmissible for immature minds of their kids.

Legality of KissAnime

Some critics consider KissAnime to be both legal and illegal platform for watching and downloading anime content. It sounds really contradictory as on the one part, the material hosted on this website is legal as it doesn’t carry any content which is against the law. However, the hosted on this site anime cartoons are copyright-protected and the website doesn’t present the information about a license to broadcast them. In such a way, KissAnime users can undergo accusation by reason of watching and downloading copyright-protected products.

But there are several ways to evade penalty: Virtual Private Networks, The Onion Router and proxy servers. They all are connected with the Internet technologies.

A good way to use the materials of KissAnime is to use a VPN. A VPN provider masks users IP from local ISP and it makes it impossible to identify the person who visits this website.


Proxy servers are computers located in different places and even counties. They are used to hide user’s IP. When a user is connected to a proxy server and charges a website hosted on another server. Then a proxy server is linked to the required website, making users IP masked. Thus, the server of the website sees IP of a proxy, but not a user.


The Onion Router (or Tor in short) is also a good variant to become anonymous while using KissAnime. The principle of Tor work reminds Proxy servers. The Internet inquiry goes through 3 volunteer run servers. And each server knows the IP of the previous one. In such a way KissAnime server doesn’t know the IP of its user who is connected to it via Tor. That is why the use of KissAnime content will not be penal for anime amateurs.


On the whole, KissAnime experience may become fantastic as it supplies anime‑fanciers with various genres of anime products: comedies, drama, romance, horror, etc. And all these anime products will become in your disposal after personal account creation.