Kickass website seems to come back forever

November 04, 2017

December 2016 was the time when the team of the first-rate torrent tracker Kickass torrents (or better known as KAT) resumed the work of the service after a period of blocking. The tracker is available on a new domain name

Good news for Kickass torrents fans! Kickass website uses new and more secure database.

Right after its coming back, KAT had a technical fault due to a great influx of visitors. The Kickass team shared the information that the major part of staff and admins joined the team again. What is more, the main peers came back to the tracker and became active Kickass torrents users.

Why Kickass Torrents was closed?

This question became number one for both KAT adherents and its rivals.

At a point in time of December 2016, the service Kickass Torrents took the leading position among torrent trackers in the world. Kat daily traffic was over 1 million people. Impressive, isn’t it? The tracker was visited by more than 50 million users a month. According to this index Kickass outnumbered The Pirate Bay.

It’s obvious, that popular torrenting websites exasperate law-enforcement authorities and right-holders because of spreading materials. The authorities of many countries around the globe make efforts to fight against torrent trackers. Some manage to do it better, others not. Thus, the USA authorities blocked more than one domain name and in December 2016 they got down to Kickass Torrents.

What about KAT owner?

Kickass users know that the name of KAT owner is Artem Vaulin. Being in Poland a 30-years-old Ukrainian citizen was arrested and accuse of illegal activity. According to the authorities of the USA, Artem Vaulin is guilty of illegal distribution of copyrighted products. Material losses connected with the activity of Kickass Torrents owner valued at $1 billion.

How did the US authorities found Kickass Torrents owner?

One of the representatives of law-enforcement authorities stood as an advertiser. He managed to identify a bank account connected with Kickass Torrents. It is said in the case documents that the agent of the Bureau of Internal Revenue bought advertising on Kickass Torrents. It cost $300 a day. KAT representative provided the agent with the data on Latvian bank for payment procedure. Then the ‘advertiser’ arranged about another commercial and found out about a banking account in Estonia.

The law-enforcement authorities studied the transaction history and ascertained that the accounts are ruled from Chicago.

Kickass Torrents came back!

Now Kickass Torrents is a website and torrent tracker, which helps us to find torrent files and magnet links to download by means of torrent technology. The tracker was founded in 2008 and took the 68th position among all websites according to Alexa rating. This position tells a lot, as Kickass website was compared to other sites (not for torrenting) all over the world. One of KAT servers is located in the USA.

The former known Kickass is available on another domain name


Now kickass website is available in 28 languages and earns $54 million. Annual income by means of commercial values at $12.5 mil – $22.3 mil.

It seems Kickass website is going to function without any shutdowns anymore. Kickass team recommenced its activity almost with its full complement to attract KAT former users.

Thus, the main page of Kickass torrent website looks very similar to the blocked one. But there are some innovations that make the Kickass website easier to use.


  1. On the main page of KAT you’ll see the latest downloaded files. The file is provided with the info on its size, age, seed and leech. This data allow users to identify how long he will have to torrent this or that file on his device.
  2. Now it is possible to choose the way of files searching. Now you’ll manage to find necessary files faster and easier thanks to the facility of sorting.
  3. The inputs ‘community’, ‘top 15’, ‘torrents’, ‘log in’ and ‘sign in’ are placed in the right corner at the top of the page.
  • The input ‘community’ contains the comment on the torrent files. Thus, it’ll help users to find the file for torrenting faster. besides, here you can discuss with other KAT clients various issues regarding torrenting.


  • Input ‘top 15’ shows the best torrent files by the categories: movies, TV, music, games, applications, books, anime, XXX. It is very convenient for those who don’t like to spend much time on surfing the net in search of the most popular files.


  • Clicking ‘torrents’ you will find the files divided into several categories: latest, today, movies, TV, music, games, books, apps and anime. It also simplifies the search.


  • Visiting ‘login’ page you will be proposed to register for the avoidance of any troubles with torrenting.


  • The last input is called ‘sign up’. If everything is ok with Kickass website, you will see the message about the protected torrents session.


Important! If the message is different, don’t sign up. There are possible problems.

  1. There are 9 categories of torrent files on Kickass website. This feature helps not to waste too much time on looking for a proper file. For example, having chosen ‘Books’ you will be redirected to the page with hundreds of books. Then, you may choose the genre of books.

Kickass Torrents in figures

Category Subcategory Torrent Files Total number
Anime English translated 1213 1891
Other 678
Applications Handheld 192 4692
Linux 28
Mac 1445
Windows 2881
Other 146



Audio books 1140 21552
Biography 398
Children 60
Comics 757
Computers and Technology 506
Cooking 605
Educational 2586
Fiction 2153
History 756
Magazines 1462
Manga 15
Non-fiction 5499  
Religion 164
Sport 66
Textbooks 1357
Other 4028
Games Handheld 112 8631
Linux 4
Playstation 17
Wii 6
Windows 8438
Xbox 9
Other 45
Kickass movies 3D 115 24190
Animation 860
Asian/Bollywood 1501
Blu-Ray ISO 23
Cam 543
Documentary 316
Dubbed Movies 612
HD 14534
Screener 233
Ultra HD 213
Other 5052
Music AAC 146 10998
Karaoke 762
Lossless 1779
MP3 7976
Radio shows 61
Soundtrack 64
Transcode 2
Videos/Concerts 94
Other 114
TV Blu-Ray ISO 20 30576
Documentary 2976
HD 13783
Sport 1329
Ultra HD 106
Other 12325



Books 7 71459
HD 9380
Hentai 827
Magazines 187  
Pictures 944
Ultra HD 233
Vedios 59473
XXX games 409
Other DazPoster 2 1541
Pictures 290
Subtitles 6
Tutorials 1135
Other 108


Still don’t know what to do in the evening? Visit Kickass website and find something to your liking.

But don’t forget about your security. In order not to be caught be the authorities while torrenting, you’d better to use a reliable tool for your protection online – for example, a VPN. These networks function as bodyguards for you to browse the net anonymously.

Some people also use the Onion Router with this purpose, but it is not so effective.

Important! Kickass owner Artem Vaulin didn’t use a VPN, that is way it was a child’s play to spy on him and find.