How to access blocked torrent websites: really must-have tips in 2017

November 02, 2017

While some internet users upload and download torrent files day and night without thinking whether is allowed or banned, others are restricted in torrenting due to the legislation of the countries they live. There are a lot of netizens asking about the legality of torrenting, and it seems that there are controversial answers to this question.

We have already touched on this issue in one of our previous articles. Nonetheless, the question is believed to be a controversial one, it is worth coming up.

‘’Is torrenting legal or illegal?’’

When you speak about torrenting, you should take into account that Bittorrent protocols are not illegal themselves, but the material that is uploaded and downloaded on the torrent networking can be of different sorts. There is a lot of copyrighted material within the network, and it is not safe to download it. In many countries there is a strict system of laws concerning copyright infringement. Once having downloaded a copyrighted file, one may get a warning letter and to be summoned to appear before court. So, what is the problem?  The trouble is connected, actually, with the content shared, not with sharing itself.

Nevertheless, access to certain torrent websites is limited by the authorities. Here and now we are going to find the way out to bypass restrictions imposed on torrent trackers.

First of all, we want to tell you about the countries which are believed to be torrent-friendly in the world.

#1 Switzerland

Switzerland is considered to be the most secure and tolerant country for peer-to-peer file-sharing. According to its legislation, one is able to download even copyrighted material, if it is used for personal needs and not distributed to a large number of people. This term implies that you are not going to use the material for profit. They have contributed more to internet freedom: it is illegal to track online P2P-sharing by third-party agencies. In such a case monitoring by ‘’Copyright trolls’’ is regarded as illegal.

There are new laws are under consideration according to which copyrighted material is going to be removed from the torrent networks. Still, online freedom on downloading files for personal needs will stay untouched.

#2 Spain

It is another country which is safe enough for torrenting. Downloading torrent content for personal usage is not restricted in Spain. As far as personal privacy is concerned, ISPs can reveal their users’ IP addresses only for the purpose of a criminal investigation.

#3 The Netherlands

This European country is not as torrent-friendly as the two mentioned above, but it is safer than many other countries in the world. One may download any copyrighted material related to art, if it will be used for personal needs. As far as software and other copyrighted content are concerned, this freedom does not cover them.

It is prominent to know: Uploading of copyrighted content in Spain is illegal.  Since P2P sharing involves both uploading and downloading, you should be careful when you torrent there.

#4 Canada

It is constituted that file-sharing in Canada is not illegal. Still, it should be mentioned that in 2015 a mandatory was enacted which imposed Canada-based ISPs and VPN service providers to monitor users’ online activity and keep their logs.

#5 Mexico

This country, situated in North America, is known for the absolute legality of file-sharing for personal purposes, if money is not shared within the torrent networking. The country’ intellectual property is accessible for sharing.

Let’s back to our question… as you know, torrent websites are restricted to access in some places. How to deal with it? There are two possible solutions: to find any torrent tracker available for your territory or to bypass geo-restrictions. We are intent on proving that it is possible to unblock access to the restricted torrent trackers.

How can I unblock access to torrent websites?

There are a few ways to pass over limitations imposed on accessing some torrent websites. One may try the following techniques:

One can perform connecting to blocked torrent trackers via:

  • Tor: it will make the torrent website unblocked, but your downloading/uploading won’t be protected by encrypting.
  • VPN: another, even more affective, tool which will not only allow you to bypass restrictions, but also defend your torrent activity by means of codifying.
  • Proxy: the service is fairly similar to VPN, but still there are some evident distinctive features.

What is Tor?

Tor - a free technology that allows internet users to bypass online censorship. The traffic is passed through a few proxy nodes at random.

Tor: pros and cons

+ -

Unblocks access to torrent websites

The sites load slowly
It is free Captchas are irritating

Torrents are not hidden

As you can see Tor can be used for passing over torrent restrictions in order to access blocked websites. Still, if you are looking for protection and privacy as well, you’d better take advantage of a torrent- friendly VPN service.

What is a VPN?

VPN, Virtual Private Network, is a modern technology that is widely-applied by internet surfers to perform private, anonymous and secure connections to the web. As you are connected via a VPN server, you are able to access restricted torrent websites. Additionally, VPN provides a strong level of encryption which means that your torrent activity will be hidden a prying eye of ISPs or third-party agencies.

What are the pros of VPN?

  • A VPN will hide your torrents, so you may keep torrenting private.
  • Decent VPN services can provide ultrafast internet connections, but it will also depend on how fast your Internet is.
  • Actually, VPNs apply stronger encryption methods in comparison with Tors.
  • There is a multiple choice of VPN servers, which can be chosen be VPN users.
  • There are almost no captchas with a VPN.

Proxies to unblock torrent websites:

  • Connecting via a proxy server is another manner to unblock access to torrents in restricted areas. Proxy is a service that encodes only one protocol or soft, for instance bittorrent.
  • As it fakes users’ real IPs, the feature would be dead excellent for unblocking torrents. Nevertheless, the choice of proxy servers is not as wide as in VPN services.
  • Another minus is that there are no software clients that enable automatic connecting that is why manual configuration is in access only. But in comparison with a VPN service it would be cheaper, still if you care about strong data encryption, VPNs offer more reliable protocols. At the same time, due to less encryption linking via Proxy will be faster.

So, it is really achievable to easily access torrent sites restricted to some reasons. We have cited the examples of those instruments which may assist you in it. It’s high time to testify them!

If you still have any questions, remarks or suggestions, let us know and we will provide feedback within the shortest possible period of time. We’ll be glad to hear from you! Thanks for following us!

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Last updated: 29/12/2017