Google’s Privacy Policy: New Era Starts on May 25

May 23, 2018

General Data Protective Regulation law becomes operative on May 25, 2018. In this regard, Google takes reasonable precautions and updates Privacy Policy.

Besides, the location of netizens will be easily identified throughGoogle’s Privacy Policy document underwent serious changes.

What are the innovations?

In accordance with the new document Google is empowered to collect data even in case when a user does NOT sign in.

How will Google manage to collect information

How will Google manage to collect information?

Apart from personal users’ accounts the data will be registered by means of …


⇒ IP address;

⇒ advertisers;

⇒ applications;

⇒ mobile networks;

⇒ operating system type.

Besides, the location of netizens will be easily identified through…

… IP address;

… Bluetooth;

… GPS signal;

… WiFi hotspots;

… satcom antennas.

Why is Google Privacy Policy changed?

In the first place, the innovations are concerned with the new GDPR law. The companies that operate on the territory of Europe are obliged to inform its clients in the way they collect data. Thus, new Google’s Privacy Policy is a compulsory measure.

At the same time, Google explains the changes in its Privacy Policy document by the need to improve the service and make it 100% user-friendly. Thus, Google will show you only necessary ads or YouTube videos.  

When privacy is above all…

In spite of Google Privacy Policy change it is still possible to be anonymous and keep your data private. VPN services hide user real IP address and change it into another one.

Besides, VPNs encrypt user traffic making snooping impossible. If your aim is online privacy, you know what to do.