Fourteen Eyes Countries Alliance and VPN Services

Last updated: January 13, 2020
David Balaban

David Balaban

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British secret society collected data on 600 million calls daily. And who has processed this information?

14 eyes country

Actually, 850 thousand NSA agents and private companies' employees had access to the British database.

What for?

If you look for the answer to this question, be convinced you will find it here. However, you have already opted for a VPN (for example, NordVPN), you can relax.

Being a technologically advanced user, you might have heard about ‘14 eyes’ country, so the theme is going to be revealed in great details here as the understanding of the term as something bad is not enough for an advanced customer.

Before the UKUSA Agreement has been extended for 14 eyes countries, it dates back to 5 eyes.

To begin with, let us investigate on the following:

Well, VPN software can also be used by third parties to monitor users' activity on the Internet. Check whether the VPN service you use is not a dirty player.

Five Eyes countries: what are they?

When the FBI asked for help Apple to unblock an iPhone of a terrorist after the gunfire in San Bernardino (California, the USA) in 2016, the issue of information sensitivity has become a moot question.

The buttons came off the foils when the Five Eyes alliance

The buttons came off the foils when the Five Eyes alliance issued an ultimatum, according to which IT companies have to provide the alliance with the access to the ciphered data and gadgets. If this were not the case, Five Eyes will make them to do it.

What is Five Eyes agreement?

The Five Eyes alliance dates back to 1940s, and in those times it included 5 states: the USA and UK, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

Five Eyes alliance (also known as FVEY) was organized with the purpose of cooperation in the sphere of technical interoperability of maritime forces of English-speaking countries.

Nine Eyes countries: what are they?

Further, the alliance of Five Eyes countries has been extended to Nine Eyes, and 4 more states became its parties: Denmark, France, Holland (the Netherlands), and Norway.

Further, the alliance of Five Eyes countries has been extended to Nine Eyes


Fourteen Eyes countries: what are they?

Together with Nine Eyes countries, 5 more states have acceded to the alliance of 14 Eyes: Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Spain.

The network has been fatherly extended to fourteen states

The network has been fatherly extended to fourteen states. They are known to be officially called Senior Europe. Military signal intelligence is stated to be exchanged between these countries.

The main function is…

According to the rules of this organization, UKUSA members assume responsibility for data collection and analysis in particular areas.

Thus, Indo-China, Indonesia, south, and central parts of China are the areas of responsibility of Australia. Canada monitors South and central America, as well as the north coast of Russia. New Zealand is responsible for the west and south parts of the Pacific Region, Great Britain – for the African and European countries, and the US – for the Asian part of Russia and the north part of China.

Why not to use a VPN from ‘’14 eyes country’’ list?

It is extremely important for any user to subscribe for a VPN service that is not situated in these countries. The reason lies in the fact that the governments of these countries can go to VPN providers and ask for access to any customer data in obedience to the law. And what is even more essential the providers can be forced not to inform their customers about the data transfer.


Fortunately, there are plenty of reliable VPNs located outside these states. Therefore, it’s so important to make inquiries about VPN’s location before subscribing to it. Practically all the best VPNs presented for your attention provide 24/7 support from where you can learn about their official placement. 

Find a VPN from 5 Best VPNs Re-Reviewed for 2020:

5 Best VPNs: Are they in 14 eyes countries?

Let’s see where 5 Best VPN providers (Updated for 2020) are based.

Disclaimer: It is worth noting that VPN services are ranked according to the list of criteria, and “14 eyes country location” is one of them, but not the only one.

As you can see, 4 out of 5 VPN providers are not located in 14 eyes countries. If you have a thing about the country under  the jurisdiction of which a VPN provider is, you’d better choose 4 best representatives for 2020.

VPN provider Country
Surfshark The British Virgin Islands
Nord VPN Panama
Express VPN The British Virgin Islands
CyberGhost Romania

Is the VPN you use in 14 eyes country?

Now you know where 5 best VPN providers are based. But what if some of you want to use some other provider?

We have foreseen it and prepared for you the list of the services and the places where their headquarters are located.

Of course, some of you will find this list incomplete. And it is partially true, because this lit contains the services we have previously reviewed:

VPNs based in 5 eyes countries

According to Five Eyes agreement, it is forbidden for the members of this alliance to spy on each other or share secret information about the Five Eyes participants with third parties.


TunnelBear VPN - Canada

Speedify – the USA

VikingVPN – the USA

Goose – the USA

SaferVPN – the USA

SwitchVPN – the USA

OverPlay – the USA

Strong VPN – the USA

VroisVPN – the USA

Guard Street – the USA

LiquidVPN – the USA

TorGuard – the USA

Ultrasurf – the USA

HideIPVPN – the USA

VPN Master – the USA VPN – the USA

Vpntraffic – the USA


LibertyVPN – the USA

SlickVPN – the USA

AceVPN – the USA

GoTrusted VPN – the USA

PrivateTunnel – the USA

Spotflux – the USA

WiTopia VPN – the USA

FlyVPN – the USA

BTGuard – the USA – the USA

Hotspot Shield VPN – the USA

VPNReactor – the USA

SecureVPN – the USA, Corporate Headquarters

HeadVPN – the UK

RapidVPN – the UK


E-VPN – the UK

TorVPN – the UK

LibertyShield VPN – the UK


HideMyAss VPN – the UK

My Expat Network – the UK

TotalVPN – the UK

VPN Land – Canada

Betternet – Canada

Blockless VPN – Canada

Sahzad VPN – Canada

GetFlix VPN – Canada

UnoTelly – Canada

SurfEasy – Canada

VPN-S – Australia

IPVanish – the USA

Celo VPN – Australia

VPNs based in 9 eyes countries

CitizenVPN – Denmark

ActiVPN – France

Tunnello VPN – France


BVPN – the Netherlands

ProXPN – the Netherlands

VPN4All – the Netherlands

WASEL Pro VPN – the Netherlands

ShadeYou VPN – the Netherlands

VyprVPN - Switzerland

PureVPN - Hong Kong


VPNs based in 14 eyes countries

ZenMate – Germany

TracelessVPN – Germany

Aviqar Phantom VPN – Germany

Cargo VPN – Germany

Steganos VPN – Germany

Shellfire VPN – Germany

VPN IN TOUCH – Germany

OkayFreedom VPN – Germany

AirVPN – Italy

OVPN – Sweden

FrootVPN – Sweden

Anonine VPN – Sweden

AzireVPN – Sweden


Mullvad VPN – Sweden

VPNs based outside the 14 eyes countries alliance

Haven't found the VPN provider you would like to use in the list?

If you signify consent with a nod, it means that you are lucky enough. It is very likely that VPN provider that has attracted you is located outside the 14 eyes alliance.

In other words, you can count on almost 100% privacy while surfing the Internet through a secure VPN connection.

Study the list to find the service that would be the #1 for you in terms of privacy.


Astrill VPN – Seychelles

Avast SecureLine VPN – Czech Republic

blackVPN – Hong Kong

bolehvpn – Seychelles

boxpn – Seychelles

Buffered – Hungary

Invisible VPN – Romania

Ivacy – Singapore

Hideme VPN – Malaysia

Hidester – Hong Kong

WannaFlix – Hong Kong

Windscribe – Toronto

WorldVPN – Latvia

Nova VPN – Belize

SpyOFF – San Marino


Whoer VPN – Cyprus

VPNArea – Switzerland

Le-VPN – Hong Kong

ProtonVPN – Switzerland – Belize

LimeVPN – Singapore

OneVPN – Hong Kong

Identity Cloaker – Czech Republic

PandaPow VPN – Hong Kong

VPN99 – Wales

Rocket VPN – Ireland

Unblock-Us VPN – Cyprus

Easy-Hide-IP VPN – Seychelles

IronSocket VPN – Hong Kong

VPN Gate – Japan

VPN Shield – Poland

Unblock VPN – Czech Republic

DefenceVPN – Barbados

Keenow VPN – Israel

MacSentry VPN – Belize

SecurityKISS – Ireland

TigerVPN – Slovakia

TuVPN – the British Virgin Islands

Doublehop – Seychelles

ZorroVPN – Belize

EarthVPN – Panama – Romania

12VPN – Hong Kong

IPjetable VPN – Switzerland



Perfect Privacy – Switzerland

F-secure VPN – Finland

Privatoria – Czach Republic

ZenVPN – Cyprus

DroidVPN – the Philippines

VPNFacile – Estonia

VPNBOOK – Switzerland

VPNTUNNEL – Seychelles

IVPN – Gibraltar

My Private Network – Hong Kong


Hola VPN – Israel



As you see, only 41% of the VPNs reviewed on are headquartered in the countries are not under the jurisdiction of fourteen eyes alliance.

Do you want to find out more about the selected VPN service? It is not a problem, as you can read several VPN reviews on our website and make the right choice.

Have you already chosen the best VPN service for you? Is it in 5, 9 or 14 eyes? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. I’m glad to answer your questions. 

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