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FileStream – the best torrent downloader

David Balaban
David Balaban
Last updated: 14/12/2018

But soon people faced the dark side of the pictureThe golden age of torrenting world turned out to be not that one we expected it to be. Personal computers and portable gadgets introduced new capabilities and knowledge. The life became easier and better thanks to the new technologies and the World Wide Web above all. It became possible to watch favorite series and movies keeping indoors and absolutely free due to the best torrenting sites.

But soon people faced the dark side of the picture: torrent fans undergo more and more threats nowadays. The danger is connected with ISP, law, data leak, viruses and so on. The difficulties concerned with torrenting could damage even psychological state of a person.

But here the gloomy part of the story comes to the end and the tale of safe torrenting begins… Here we are to help you to be protected against any possible threat online.

One of the most outstanding and unsurpassed torrent downloaders is presented in this article. The point is about FileStream.


What is FileStream client?

It is a torrent program combining online torrent downloader and secure storage for torrents. FileStream secure download manager allows keeping data on NTFS disk and controlling them.

FileStream was launched almost 10 years ago – in the distant 2008.

The files stored on FileStream are available to view and edit by means of the outward programs. In other words, it means that you may store a movie on FileStream, but watch it by means of the media player installed on your device.

It is compatible with numerous torrent trackers. Thus, it won't be a problem to use magnet links that were found through ThePirateBay or KickassTorrents, for example.

FileStream characteristics

Status Free/Paid
Release date 2008
Latest update October 5, 2017
Operating system Diverse
Interface languages 5 languages: English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish
Official website filestream.me

FileStream online torrent downloader is both free and paid for its consumers.


Who can use free FileStream?

If you aren’t going to download torrent HD videos, a free version of FileStream is for you. However, the functions of cloud storage, conversion and streaming will not be available in a free variant. It’s possible to use FileStream torrent program for free if you are going to download only small torrent files: books, songs, and some apps.

How much should I pay for the secure download manager FileStream?

Three paid plans are available: bronze, silver, and gold.

Gold plan is the best solution, as it allows downloading torrent files up to 100 Gb. So, it is possible to download not only HD or 3D films but series as well.

Want to download ‘The Games o Thrones’ at one click? No problems. Pay $79.8 a year and enjoy unlimited torrenting. With this plan, you won’t have to store hundreds of torrented files on your device or digital memory cards. This online torrent downloader will do everything instead of you.

What are the facilities of FileStream?

FileStream facilities will be tempting even for the most selective torrent lovers.


FileStream introduces us advanced facilities of downloading. It is possible to load not only torrent files but magnet links and files not from torrent sites as well. The service functions efficiently on 900 media services. In other words, you will download the content from 900 sites around the globe.


Privacy is the best policy for FileStream torrent program. The download manager uses a secure connection. Besides, it is said that the program makes your activity on filestream.me safe and protected.


You’ll spend only a tiny amount of time to watch anything you like. The process of downloading and conversion is not time-consuming at all.


FileStream authors assure us that we’ll stay anonymous while torrenting, as we don’t load data on the devices we possess. Thus, the system functions like a robot. It downloads a file and stores it. Even if you download a pirated file, it’ll be an uphill struggle to accuse you of crime. Who knows, maybe it was a system error?


FileStream is a really smart torrent program that allows us to settle the quality of the video in accordance with the device we use. Thus, you will not suffer from a poor quality of a movie, which was downloaded on your smart TV. The program identifies your device and proposes the file which will be appropriate to open by means of this gadget.

Note! There is no need to download a file for smart TV on a smartphone. It allows saving free space of a gadget.


Want to earn money but don’t know how? Start your own business with FileStream online torrent downloader. Invite a friend and 10% of the sum he pays for the torrent client will be yours.

Pros & Contras of FileStream client

FileStream is not a mouse in a mousetrap, thus, it is not without weak sides. Nevertheless, the advantages of the torrent program are more significant. So, let’s compare them.

Advantages Disadvantages
+ Installation is not required – Account procedure
+ The process of torrenting is simplified – Not ad-free
+ Torrent, stream and keep data by means of only one program – Some plans limit the users
+ Available on various devices – Limited keeping time
+ Built-in conversion  
+ Unlimited torrenting  
+ Additional level of protection

How to use FileStream client?

A distinguished feature of FileStream is the lack of necessity to install any extra programs on a device.  Thus, it is required only to visit the site filestream.me


… and to register. The registration procedure is quite simple: it’s necessary to type a username and create a password, which will be known only for you or simply use Facebook, Google or Windows account.


To download a file you are to copy the link in the browser and paste it as it’s shown at the picture below ⇓


The simplicity of this secure download manager attracts more and more users day by day. Why not to use the program if it is really worthy!

How to use FileStream anonymously?

The advantages of FileStream torrent downloader denote the fact that this download manager is not so secure, as it is stated. The process of registration allows identifying you notwithstanding the location.

Besides, the procedure of ciphering is not clear. But encryption is the only way that allows anonymous browsing. It may be achieved by means of Tor, VPN or proxy servers.

It’s advised to use the combination of Tor and proxy server. It allows both traffic ciphering and IP masking. But, such combination is not without minuses – the setup is too time-consuming and the speed will make the process of torrenting endless.

All in all, it is better to use Virtual Private Networks for anonymous browsing. At the heart of VPN’s work is encoding. It allows making both you and your data protected against any kind of monitoring.

Attention! There are good alternatives to FileStream. For example, Vuze torrent downloader and qBittorrent client

Forewarned is forearmed

It will be a child’s play for you to win the battle against the ISP with a VPN from the rating described here.

Any computer you use ‘sponges up’ the information. Even in the case when you use somebody else’s gadget, the situation when a skilled craftsman accesses your data is possible. And a lot of this information is unknown. It means that it is FORBIDDEN (!) to use the gadgets without any protection, as it is extremely dangerous. Wholesome paranoia is not bad in this case.

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