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Last updated: December 29, 2018
David Balaban

David Balaban

David Balaban is a computer security researcher with over 15 years of experience in malware analysis and antivirus software evaluation. He has published his articles on such online media as Hackernoon, Tripwire, Infosecinstitute, and Cybrary.

As the saying runs ‘you have to keep going to get anywhere’. According to the latest news we have achieved some result in our development. From a present-day perspective we can state that some of our inventions are cleverer that we are. Think, for instance, of the Internet, it’s probably impossible to imagine our today’s habitual life without the World Wide Web. The development has brought us to the next level.


Today we can basically transfer our reality into the network. We’ll see, a few years ago we had to go to work every morning when today we can work remotely as freelancers from our homes. A few years ago we had to travel all over the city to do shopping when today we can order any products on the Internet.

A few years ago we had to go to the cinema to watch the latest films today we can watch the films from home, moreover, if we need to buy tickets to the cinema or theatre we can order them from home too. A few years ago we had to enter the university to get a higher education when today we can get a distant education having entered any university of the world.

A few years ago we had to go to the clinic to consult a doctor when today we can order appointment confirmations or even have pre-assessments online. It’s definitely more than enough to say that the Internet has penetrated into our lives profoundly.

But as well as any outstanding invention the Internet has some threats we are forced to come across today. These problems are of a critical importance taking into account the fact that our real life has become dependent on our virtual one. At last check, each sixth Internet user is at risk of being attacked by a hacker or computer fraud. Moreover, Internet freedom is not so absolute these days. More and more governments are imposing censorship on the Internet usage in their countries.

Nevertheless, Internet users don’t want to go back to candles they need this up-to-date facility that simplifies their lives. Due to the necessity of Internet secure usage more and more people are subscribing to VPNs.

These top VPNs are the fastest in 2019 (tested by our team!):

  1. Express VPN – 500+ fastest servers in 94+ countries and 5 VPN protocols!
  2. Nord VPN – speedy servers in 62 countries an in-built kill-switch for being private!
  3. CyberGhost VPN – 1280 ultra-fast servers around the world, DNS and IP leak protection and 5 gadgets per one account!
  4. Vypr VPN - 700 fast VPN servers and really strong encryption and protocols
  5. IPVanish VPN – 1000+ servers with high speeds, 256-bit encryption and reliable protocols!

How does a VPN work?

A VPN or a virtual private networking supplies us with private, secure and anonymous networking. The best VPN hides your IP address and gives you a possibility to choose any virtual location. Moreover, a qualitative VPN service uses the latest VPN protocols for creating a strong tunneling.

Passing through the tunneling of a good VPN all your transferring traffic turns to be encrypted thus protected from tracing and interception.

The thing is that some VPNs have limited bandwidth and limited speed performance, which results in hits and troubles with streaming. Thus in order to be able to watch any streaming resources you need the fastest VPN.

Why do you need the fastest VPN?

There are several reasons for subscribing to the fastest VPN:

  • You need the fastest VPN for watching streaming content on such resources as Netflix, Freeform, Hulu, YouTube and etc.
  • You need the fastest VPN for listening to music on Pandora free radio.
  • You need the fastest VPN for playing the latest games on Xbox and PS3/4.
  • You need the fastest VPN for Torrents, P2P and File sharing.

On the whole, you need the fastest VPN to enjoy anything you want on the Internet without any troubles.

How to find the fastest VPN for streaming resources?

For you to find the best and fastest VPN you need to pay attention to some characteristics it has to perform:

  • The best VPN should have a vast variety of server locations.
  • The best VPN should use strong encryption protocols for creating a highly defensive tunneling.
  • The fastest VPN should provide an unlimited bandwidth.
  • The best VPN should give its users a trial version or money-back guarantee.
  • The best VPN accepts different payment methods.
  • The best VPN has 24/7 professional technical group assistance.

And eventually, the best VPN for fast performance is created to supply you with security, privacy and high level of anonymity!

We have made up a rating of 5 fastest VPNs 2019, which aim is to help you with choosing the best service:


The fastest VPNs 2019’s summary

The Internet has become an inseparable part of our lives. It has simplified our work days and has made our pastime more interesting. Nonetheless, our online activities are under numerous threats and need protection. Any average user can face such threats as hacker attacks, computer fraudulence, censorship and many others that deprive us from Internet freedom as such. People from such countries as China, Iran, Pakistan, Vietnam, India and others have limited access to Internet, because the governments follow the policy of total censorship.

In order to protect your life from any threats and be able to watch any streaming service you like you need a qualitative fast VPN. The fastest VPN is a VPN that has no limitations in speed or bandwidth. Also, you should pay attention to the encryption the service uses and reliability of the service provider.

We hope the fastest VPNs 2019’s rating will help you to make an appropriate choice of a VPN so that you are able to stay safe online.

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David Balaban
David Balaban