What should I do if there is PureVPN error 691?

There are many errors average customers face when using the service. There are two main reasons why the situation may occur. According to the first one, you have miswritten your username and the password. As for the second, the authentication protocol is not allowed on the remote access server.

What should I do with the error?

Provided that you see the error on the display, you should know that your dial-up settings with the VPN server are incorrect, your ISP’s PPP doesn’t function well, your account is not valid, and you need the following measures to be taken:

  • You should check your email and make sure the password and username are written correctly;
  • Make sure the ‘caps lock’ button is turned off;
  • Make sure your account is still active.

When everything is checked, you can either eliminate the problem or make further steps to get rid of the issue. PureVPN offers excellent and professional assistance that operates 24/7, which is great, as soon as all the difficulties can be solved easily in minutes. Besides, you can read the blog posted on the official website to find the same problem has occurred to someone else and try to solve it independently.

If the problem is unsolvable, you should remember that the service offers money-back guarantee and makes everything possible to make the clients satisfied, as soon as the company follows the policy of customer-oriented service. So, having seen the error on your monitor, don’t make a panic, as soon as the issue can be easily solved by a professional computer master from the support team. Besides, don’t forget that all your paid money can be received back soon through a money-back guarantee.