What is DNS proxy?

As you might have already known DNS is a system of servers that transform numeric IPs into readable hierarchic system and vice versa. This makes it possible for a computer to understand the numeric code when you are writing into a search bar a letter name of the domain you are trying to get access to. Due to the fact that DNS is used by any connected device, it becomes a top-priority target for any hacker. Thus, spoofing, cache poisoning, overflow attacks are transmitted through DNS.

There are two ways of protecting your incoming queries, which are oriented towards queries that are formed incorrectly, and outcoming, which are specialized on controlling outgoing requests. The fact that any result of the system resolving is stored in the device’s cache makes your system vulnerable, as soon as your network and all the connected gadgets can be infected. In such a way when you configure a secure VPN tunnel for transporting all the domain names, which belong to your corporate network, all the queries of the company are not leaked and they are under a strong protection. Moreover, a VPN installation will help to prevent malicious users from interfering into your system. The fact is that authentication and encryption make everything more defended and out of danger. Having subscribed for one of the best SmartDNS providers, you will stay free from dangers and definitely your system connected to the internet will undergo groundbreaking positive changes. This up-to-date technology will also help to enhance your average speed rates. So, as you see, as soon as you think about online privacy and confidentiality, you need to subscribe for this additional protection to make your network indemnified.