What is better a free trial or a free VPN?

From a user: I’ve been surfing the internet for quite a long time and haven’t found a concrete answer to the question yet. In case if I need a strong VPN service just for a few days while being on a business trip, should I sing in for a free trial of  a paid VPN or just a subscription for a free service is enough. Thanks!

Actually, when you need a VPN service for a few days and don’t want to spend money for the reason it will be better to sign in and try a free test version of a paid service. There are some reasons why it may be of a higher use rather than a free version. First of all, even a free trial version of a paid service is supplied with highly professional customer assistance. So, provided that you have some difficulties with settings, it will be easier for you to reach out to the customer support. Secondly, some services provide distant installation-specific settings for those who are at variance with the service. However, there are some pitfalls either. Having learnt the place of your destination, you should check whether a free trial package has the same servers to offer to the customers, otherwise, you may be deprived of a possibility to operate your ‘home’ network. Moreover, most paid services provide the packages with some limitations in speed or bandwidth. So, if you are to send a huge amount of data, you should make sure the bandwidth is limitless or you will be denied in service. Furthermore, if you plan to run the service in future and feel confident about your knowledge in the sphere, you’d better subscribe for the best free VPN, as you can use it on return. But you should also make sure a free service you choose meets all the basic demands.