What about Tribler and Tor?

The first thing a technical user thinks about while torrenting is anonymity. Tribler team anticipated it while working out the best torrent downloader for users. Nothing is persecuted as much as the activity connected with loading torrent files.

If the statements on Tribler site are to be trusted, this torrent client has a built-in Onion Router technology.

What does Onion Router mean?

In general, the Onion Router technology is better known under the name Tor.

It can provide its users with privacy while being online. It means that Tor encodes the data you transfer via the net. It is very alluring for torrent fans, as there is a threat to be caught by ISP while down- or uploading torrents.

The files you load by means of Tribler go through several exterior computers. These computers are also called servers. The data transferred through them are ciphered. And it is practically impossible to identify who downloaded this or that torrent.


What does it give its users?

Tor allows browsing the net, exchanging messages and loading files more securely than without it. Still nobody will assume that it is 100% safe. Nevertheless, you should trust these servers.

Is it safer to use Tribler than other torrent downloaders?


Of course, Tribler torrent downloader inspires with confidence thanks to a built-in function of data encoding. The files are ciphered several times. That is why it’s an uphill struggle to identify the user who has downloaded a torrent.

Not all torrent clients can boast of some extra security tools. Perhaps, thanks to this feature Tribler carries forward.

Nevertheless, even Tribler users can be identified by smart and resourceful special services targeted torrent lovers.

Should I stop torrenting?

You are not if you have a look at the best VPNs for torrenting. Having chosen one on your liking, you’ll be safe while torrenting as your personality will be unknown.

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