Is VPN illegal in China?

As you know, China is one of the most censoring countries of the world. The Great Firewall and the Shield Project make millions of people suffer from lack of internet freedom and facilities. So, before talking about legality of VPN services, one should think whether it’s legal to monitor the internet and deprive citizens of speaking out and running all the up-to-date apps.

Before answering the question, you should understand the meaning of the abbreviation ‘VPN’. So, it’s a virtual private network, which is used for making your internet environment free, safe, and personalized for running it without any restrictions. Any VPN service consists of some basic components, which are integral parts of a good service. A strong VPN service represents special software compatible with your OS,  set of server locations placed all over the globe, a suit of encryption protocols and professional 24/7 assistance.  The main functions of a VPN service are to hide a real address of a client while substituting it for one of the server’s, to encrypt all the generated traffic with the help of up-to-date OpenVPN, L2TP or other strong protocols, to make a customer’s network anonymous.

Taking into account the fact that any average for the US and European customer app is blocked in China, a VPN is absolutely legal, as soon as it deals with your protection from the measures and instruments of Chinese government. Moreover, travelling to China on business without a connected VPN, you won’t manage to chat with your friend and relatives via accustomed apps like Skype, WhatsApp, etc. Therefore, you need a high-quality VPN for China subscription before going there. Having established a connection to the internet through the technology, you will stay safe and defended from all the monitoring programs the government maintains and also you will be able to socialize with your friends and relatives.