With a VPN Censorship will not be a problem in Germany

The notion censorship is used when one talks about the policy according to which certain content is forbidden to broadcast, publish or discuss. During its history Germany underwent censorship not once. In the German Empire times the media were under control of the military, before the World War II censorship touched upon every sphere of human’s life: mail, private conversations, mass media. People could face serious problems saying even a couple of words.

Nowadays censorship policy became even stricter and severer as now it applies not only to the topics covered by mass media but the actions people do as well. Thus, modern Germans can be subjected to illegal actions because of streaming or torrenting on the Internet. Both streaming and torrenting are the most convenient and cheap ways to watch video in high quality. What is more, sometimes movies become available on the Internet earlier than at the cinema (especially if we are talking about remote regions).

Censorship may become a problem if we are talking about the events on a global scale. Unfortunately, the events are covered from one point of view favorable for a definite country, organization or person.

Thus, to avoid censorship in Germany one has two variants. The first one is to move to another country with a less strict censorship policy, but for sure this variant is not a serious one as it leads to numerous changes in people’s lives. It is better to choose the second variant – a VPN, which is a great solution if one wants to get access to the information from every corner of the world. By means of a trustworthy VPN one can access the web sites and services banned for the Germans over censorship policy.