Use free Wi-Fi securely in Germany

The Internet via cable became available for the residents of Germany in the year of 1999. Beyond doubt, it was sensational for people to surf the Internet notwithstanding numerous weak points. People became even more impressed when they could use the Internet at home without any cables which made it more convenient and fast. Then, the opportunity to access the World Wide Web in public places appeared. Of course, it was great for those who preferred working at cafes over a cup of tea. Public Wi-Fi made life more convenient, but at the same time it became a ground for numerous illegal actions.

Free hotspots are available only in 41% of public places in Germany. The figures are not so impressive as according to the law currently in force, the place that provides the Germans with free Wi-Fi is responsible for the actions conducted by means of this hotspot. It means that if a person came to a German café and acted illegally using the hotspot belonged to this place, the café can incur sentence instead of a real infringer.

In this case a public place and its owner can suffer, but free Wi-Fi users can undergo serious threats as well. It is extremely unsafe for users to sign in accounts using public Wi-Fi as all the data can undergo leak. In this case it is possible to allow adversaries to find out more about a private life of an impudent user. To keep off such situation one may use a VPN – a reliable tool against computer crackers.