Tribler will be online forever

 ‘Until the Internet exists, Tribler will be at the top’. Users heard this phrase not once about this torrent downloader. Tribler stands on its own two feet for 14 years already.

Tribler’s outstanding feature lies in the fact that it doesn’t depend on torrent trackers. It means that you don’t need to use the torrent sites like 1337x, LimeTorrents or the Pirate Bay to find the files to load on your computer. Tribler client uses peer-to-peer technology, which allows exchanging data without any mediators.

In this case users’ computers operate as servers. Thus, we may conclude, that Tribler downloader makes its consumers autonomous enough.

The main target of Tribler developers was to create the torrent client that could function independently. It was connected with the numerous torrent sites, trackers and engines shutdowns. For example, Torrent Project is not accessible for its users anymore and anime fans can’t keep on loading ‘cat cartoons’, as Nyaa doesn’t function either.

Would you like to be in the situation like this?

Undoubtedly, no. Just imagine the situation when you come to the café you like most of all and it is closed. Neither messages, nor announcements are left. To say that you’ll get upset is nothing.

The situation with torrent sites shutdown is the same. You never know when you’ll undergo the problems with the access. If you have already started downloading the last episode of a series of the latest movie, you’ll not manage to finish it successfully in case the torrent site is down.

Tribler is a great torrent downloader that makes such problems impossible for its clients. Download torrents, become an active seeder and store the content you like on a device. But don’t forget about your security if you don’t want to be caught while downloading.