Is Tribler safe?

Tribler is a BitTorrent client used by thousands of people to torrent the desired content online.

Do you use Tribler torrent downloader?

Perhaps, the answer is ‘yes’. Otherwise, you wouldn’t visit this page.

There are a lot of rumors and conjectures regarding the legality of Tribler work. Tribler similar to other torrent clients is only the platform for file-sharing.

triblerfavicon_1Tribler may be compared to the room, where people exchange the things. Thus, the torrent downloader doesn’t bear relation to the files shared by means of it. Nevertheless, many organizations and individual fighters for copyrighted products accuse torrent downloaders of illegal activity.

Thus, in the year of 2014 the European Commission conducted a research and came to the conclusion that torrenting influences the interest on both online and offline distribution of music, films, books and what not.

However, the findings were discredited as the figures weren’t presented to the audience and torrent sites and clients owners.

Would you like to use Tribler safely?

It’s very easy. The only thing you are to do is to visit this page and choose a VPN for you protection online while browsing the net.

Why is it important to use Tribler anonymously?

If you’ve already visited the page with the best VPNs for torrenting, it means you are a cautious person. This character trait is really vital today, as the modern world is full of threats.

Downloading torrents the threat rises steeply. You may download the copyrighted file accidentally, and covert your life into absolute hell. Courts, fines, sentences, lawyers… All these words will be familiar to you.

Thus, to torrent via Tribler downloader, it is strongly recommended to hide your IP and encode the files you load. It is possible to do successfully by means of a VPN for torrenting.