Torrenting with VPNs in Germany

Torrenting is beyond doubt the most convenient and cheap way to watch a movie or a TV show. And it is not surprising that more and more people all over the world prefer torrenting to other ways of watching video. Nevertheless, no one is 100% sure that he or she is safe while downloading torrent files especially if it concerns Germany.

Fines for torrenting in Germany are considerable. In the year of 2013 the authorities of Germany passed the law according to which the person who was caught while torrenting for the first time will have to pay €155, the maximum fine reaches €1000.

Consumers Protection Agency conducted a survey and ascertained that about 4.3 mil German residents received the threatening letters saying that a person is to pay a fine for torrenting or watching copyright protected movie, show or cartoon. Sometimes, the age of addressees didn’t reach 15 years.

There is no doubts, that the German authorities improved the state of affairs regarding this issue as immature people are not undergo such charge anymore. Nevertheless, the problem continues existing. And a great number of people lack the opportunity to watch favourite series or TV shows because of this strict policy. In this connection, one can use a VPN to become unknown for the authorities of Germany and continue watching whatever he or she likes.

To do it successfully and without any penalty it is strongly recommended to take the process of VPN choosing seriously. Thus, one is to pay attention to two main characteristics:

  •  methods of encryption (to be unrevealed for the authorities of Germany people’s data should be encoded in a reliable way);
  •  data transfer rate (it plays a significant role in choosing a VPN for torrenting as a slow speed can make the process of torrenting endless).

Having chosen a trustworthy VPN one will continue free and safe torrenting in Germany.