Simple hacks to be protected against adware with VPNs for Finland

Everything in modern world can be sold and bought: houses, food, cars. And your personal data are not an exception. Surfing the internet without VPN, your Internet Service Provider knows what sites you prefer, what interests you and how much you desire a new device, book or watch. A question is bound to arise: how could it possibly be that a machine is able to know such detailed and sometimes tricky info about you? The answer is easy: ISP analyzes websites, time, frequency of your cyberspace behavior. In other words, they know your virtual footprint. This data, on the face of it, seem to be insignificant. But for local advertisers it is the most cherished and desirable data about internet users in Finland.

How does it work?

Your ISP holds logs with such data. In one’s turn, advisers analyze it and the user is attacked by pop-up windows with alluring products for the consumer.

It is dead easy to get rid of annoying commercials:

  • A user should be connected to any of VPN servers that can fake your IP from local ISPs and it is rather problematically to identify you.
  • Changing your IP every day is the second advice for a user in Finland. It makes your online footprint unique.
  • To make you correspondence private, use for example MyKolab, which is secured by means of strong privacy as its office is located in Switzerland.

You may also benefit from this for additional defence:

  • Use instant messengers via browser (predominantly Mozilla Firefox). It allows encoding transferred by you data. The next tip is to steer clear of such email providers as Yandex Mail, Gmail or Yahoo Mail.
  • The last tip on this topic is to scrutinize user agreement while installing a new app on your device.

These simple tips will help you to avoid adware invasion on your device. Except absence of commercial, you will also benefit from anonymity protection and high data transfer rate.