Pros and Contras of Ivacy VPN

One cannot possibly accept the fact that even best inventions have both pluses and minuses but it is really true. Cars serve to make the transportation faster, but millions of people become victims of car crashes. Penicillin is used in pneumonia therapy, but it can lead to the serious problems with the stomach.

Ivacy VPN has also both pluses and minuses, but don’t panic as the weak points will not lead to such serious consequences. First of all let us study the numerous advantages of Ivacy:

Log free.

This VPN is absolutely log free, which allows reaching a desired level of confidentiality. Unfortunately, logs can be stolen by third parties with different aims: to identify VPN users, to advertise products and what not.

+ Peer-to-peer technology.

This feature makes Ivacy attractive for torrenting lovers. Thus, convenient torrenting is at Ivacy clients’ disposal.

Kill switch.

This function blocks access to the Internet in case of any problems with Ivacy VPN work. Thanks to it a user will not undergo the data leak of other problems that a non-VPN user can face.

Price system.

Three plans are available for Ivacy subscribers. Thus, it is even possible to pay a bit more than $2 a month, which is extremely cheap nowadays.


Cryptocurrency is accepted to pay for Ivacy service. It is not only convenient to pay by means of Bitcoins, such method of payment makes a user absolutely anonymous on the Internet.

+ Multiple protocols.

To meet various challenges it is necessary to use different tunneling protocols. Thus, Ivacy VPN provides its clients with multiple protocols and copes with multiple tasks successfully.

As anything in the world, Ivacy VPN has some disadvantages:

– Refund.

According to the Ivacy policy, the refund is not possible if Ivacy user was connected to the VPN 30 times.

– Rare update of mobile client.

The update for a mobile client happens not on a regular basis.

 Having taken into account both pluses and minuses of Ivacy VPN one may come to the conclusion that it is among the most reliable and trustworthy Virtual Private Networks to use.