Potential threats of using free VPNs in Germany

Virtual Private Network providers offer both paid and free packages for their clients in Germany. For a non-technical user the difference between them consists in pricing. But it is the last one should take into consideration while choosing a reliable tool for security on the Internet. The first thing that impresses VPN clients in paid versions is the number of servers to use. Sometimes it is possible to choose from thousands of servers located in dozens of countries all over the world. It is very essential for those who want to keep anonymity, as the more servers around the globe one uses, the more difficult (or even impossible) is to find him or her. Thus, the first threat is that a person can be identified while using a free VPN.

One more problem is log. Usually free VPNs keep logs, which is not favoured by those who want to be anonymous. Logs usually contain information about users’ IPs, traffic, data and time of access, visited sites and what not. Thus, it is dead easy to create an image of a real human being. On the other hand, more information appears about the issue of unfair free VPN providers that sold their logs with the purpose of earning money. In this case one even doesn’t know who will use such data.

The speed of free VPN services also leaves much to be desired. As a result, their clients suffer from bad quality of streaming content, downloading, uploading and what not.

To keep out potential threats of using free VPNs it is recommended for the residents of Germany to use paid versions of such services. However, it is up to the person to decide what VPN to choose: a free but unsafe or a paid and reliable.