P2P, Bittorrenting and file-sharing: why to use with a VPN

A lot of people ask themselves questions: What is torrenting? What is downloading? What is P2P and file-sharing? But they might not be aware of the fact that all the terms mentioned above mean the same thing. Basically, they stand for the way torrent how content is shared via Bittorrent protocol.

In our beginner’s guide to torenting we told our readers how Bittorrent protocol works. If you read the guide, you will understand that VPN is vital for torrenting, owing to the principles of sharing the content from peer to peer.

Bittorrent seems to be fairly efficacious for sharing files as no special server is necessary. That is why, it has become popular among those who don’t worry about copyright violation matters. Nevertheless, copyright holders DO worry about these matters.

For this reason, torrent users may be accused of copyright infringement and receive a warning letter from an Internet Service Provider. How does yourISP know it is YOU sharing this or that torrent content?

When you share any type of torrent material with others, you can see IP addresses of those peers who also use the network as well as you. It means that they can easily see YOUR IP address!

Using any of torrent clients, BitTorrent, uTorrent or Vuze, you have the opportunity to see who is sharing the same file with you. In such a way, copyright holders can track potential ‘’pirates’’ who violate copyrights.

There is good news that if you use the best ever VPN for torrenting, you can be invisible for copyright holders, copyright trolls and ISPs. Why? It hides your real identity on the torrent space, thus making you more or less anonymous when you perform torrenting. You may find some top torrent VPNs in our main article, just click here.

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