Is live streaming with Tribler real?

Tribler client is a downloader that uses BitTorrent technology. It means that a peer-to-peer file-sharing is used by Tribler subscribers.

Tribler is a multi-function torrent client

Torrent downloaders usually offer a set of facilities for seeders. Among them, are P2P, unlimited bandwidth, fast speed and what not.

But Tribler is an outstanding downloader! Nothing can be compared to it.

The facility to stream video files downloaded via this client makes Tribler unique.

What does streaming mean?

Within the scope of a torrent client, the term streaming is used to describe the facility of a downloader to play video. In other words, a built-in media player is offered.

What does streaming give Tribler users?

The list of advantages is really impressive:

- There is no need to install any other media players on your device. Just download and watch using only one application.

- With Tribler client it is unnecessary to wait until the process of downloading a movie or a serial will be finished. Start watching soon after the start. It allows estimating video’s quality and stop loading it if the quality is poor enough.

Live Streaming is provided as well

Download and play videos directly on your smart TV. It’s extremely beneficial, as very few torrent downloaders possess this facility. And Tribler does!

The best way to do it successfully is to use Tribler in combination with the application for data storage online. Bitport is one of such tools. It allows keeping all downloaded torrent files on the net.

Everything sounds too good to be true.

The thing is, though, the system is not without weak points. It can be hacked and all the data you store online will be known for the ISP. That is why, it’s high time to subscribe to the best VPN for torrenting.