Is it safe to torrent with VPNs in Finland?

Once using torrent sites one finds it easy to deal with any compelling products including films, music and books with no restriction in Finland. The question naturally arises: how to stay safe and not to be caught by copyright trolls? The answer is quite simple – use a VPN and forget about all fears that maybe associated with P2P sharing.

  • Firstly, let’s investigate how it works. Having applied a VPN service for torrents, your authentic IP gets hidden from ISPs. Thus, it is unclear for your provider that it is you who surfs torrent sites.
  • Secondly, users are afraid of being caught by authorities because of uploading and downloading copyrighted products (Still, it is not always easy to understand which one is of that kind). Frankly speaking, those users who load such torrents may be accused of breach of copyright. Hence, it’s not an easy way to find the real user.

If you ask yourself what VPN is better to use for torrenting in Finland you will find the answer in the article “Best VPNs for Finland” on our website. In short, it may be ExpressVPN if you want keep complete anonymity this app is definitely for you. Besides, it provides consumers with other benefits: 15.000 IPs in more than 90 countries all over the world.  Although Express VPN is believed to be the most expensive, still it provides users with 30 days money back guarantee. There are six more suitable VPN services for Finland consumers: NordVPN, CyberGhost PRO, Buffered VPN, Pure VPN, IP Vanish, VYprVPN. ( For thorough reading you can follow the link)

In conclusion it should be mentioned that VPN application lets its users surf the Internet without limits and keep their privacy. Still, it is important to choose the server wisely in order not to slow down data transfer rate. Choose those which are located closer to you and the web-content you connect to and enjoy your favorite films, books or TV shows in Finland.