Is it safe to run a VPN with PPTP encryption for iOS 10?

If you want to learn more about PPTP protocol, you should read some additional data on the protocols. However, you might have already learnt that VPN was launched more than fifteen years ago.Its primary aims have changed a lot so far. Today many iOS and other system users use the service for their online defense. A VPN suggests a wide range of services from shifting your true virtual address to anonymizing your network. Nevertheless, one of its most important functions is to make your traffic encrypted and locked from prying eyes.

How does encryption work? So, a good VPN creates a secure tunneling between your connected device and one of its servers. While receiving or sending some traffic via the tunneling there are different protocols and keys used by the provider to make your data unreadable and inaccessible for adversaries. There are many protocols for today, but just several years ago there was PPTP protocol, which was the most usable protocol for safe data transferring via the internet. The protocol was developed by Microsoft and due to the fact that it is so easy to set up it has become one of the most spread methods of encryption.

However, it seems to be pretty out-of-dated, as it doesn’t provide a leak-proof defense as for today. It has been also founded out that PPTP encrypted data can be decrypted by unauthorized user within a day - two days. This fact has made many companies think over the policy of confidentiality and online protection, as many of them continue using the protocol for faster network operation. So, using the protocol poses under a risk all your data transferred on the internet or saved on a cloud. Good news is that the out-of-dated protocol has up-to-date equivalents, which are to provide your network with a higher level of defense. So, having decided to subscribe for the best VPN for iOS, you need to make sure it offers up-to-date protocols and military-grade defense.