Is it legal to watch Amazon Prime with a VPN?

The public in general is tend to believe that all data (including movies, series, books, songs) sited on the Internet are illegal.

This opinion is the case because of the lack of knowledge in the sphere of copyright. A lot of people think that it is lawful to watch a movie only on television and at the cinema. But it isn’t true. For sure, copyright product must not be shared without the official agreement of a rightholder. Thus, selling the rights on siting the product on a particular web page, it becomes legal to watch it online at home.

Surfing Amazon Prime is as legal as wearing previously bought dress or a suit. To begin with, Amazon Prime is a company that creates its own product and buys license for broadcasting others. The only difficulty is that library of Amazon Prime differs from country to country. The reasons for it are the following: censorship, absence of license, local policy regarding some aspects of public life.

Using a VPN it becomes easy to get access to the desirable content of US Amazon Prime. A Virtual Private Network changes a user’s real IP into American one, thereby opening the access to the full version of Amazon Prime. There is no way to identify you, because all that sees a local ISP is server’s IP. Apart from access to Amazon Prime, VPN makes your Internet activity more secure. Thus, it is uneasy task for computer crackers and frauders to hack your email, for example. Moreover, with a reliable VPN you will get rid of pop-up windows and other similar stuff.

To draw the conclusion, one can say that watching Amazon Prime with VPN is not only a legal action, but secure as well.