How VPNs protect torrent users

When you torrent via VPN, you get an encrypted way of internet connecting. Before you connect to the torrent site, you are linked via a VPN server, and only after that you may access the site for torrenting via a torrent client. For full understanding how VPNs for torrents work, you may read the main article ‘’Best VPN for torrenting’’.

Certainly, you should know how VPNs protect torrent users.

  • Connecting via VPN, you are not linked to the torrent site directly. On the contrary, you access torrent trackers via VPN server which may be located in a foreign country. What does it mean for a torrent user? Your ISP DOES NOT see that it is YOU download torrents. What is more, your ISP DOES NOT see WHAT torrents you upload or download.
  • Any internet user who can monitor you torrent activity (a copyright holder, copyright troll or just another peer) is not able to see your real IP address. The only IP they have to track is the one provided by VPN.
  • If you live in a country where torrenting is strictly forbidden or not approved, you will manage to open the access to torrent sites by connecting via VPN servers located in other countries. This means that torrent use still have the opportunity to bypass torrent geo-restrictions.

Thus, a VPN service may become a reliable tool to be safe and anonymous when share torrents on torrent trackers. We have provided you with at least three top reasons why one needs a VPN for torrenting, and examples how VPNs protect torrent users.

The main reason for thinking to use a VPN for torrenting should become the fact that the issue of copyright violation is paid much attention in our modern society. You never know when you may receive a warning letter from your ISP…

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