How to use a VPN for torrent?

From a user: I’m a computer dummy, can you, please, tell me how to run a VPN for torrenting if I live in a country where it is forbidden by law.

If you want to run a VPN for torrenting, you need to solve the problem through knowledge. So, as soon as you have mentioned, you don’t live in Switzerland, Spain or Russia, as torrenting is not forbidden there. That is why while choosing the best VPN for torrenting you need to make sure it offers servers in these countries. So that in case if one of the servers is overloaded, you will have a chance to connect to the internet through another one.

Besides, you should make sure a VPN is compatible with your OS, as soon as not all services support Linux or Mac. The further step is to ensure the service runs up-to-date encryption protocols to make your generated traffic unreadable and inaccessible. So, if you share some traffic with other peers, you won’t be seen by ISPs and filtering. After that you need to subscribe for a service and download an app for your device. Then you can see a list of servers located in different countries and choose which server to connect to. Besides, it is useful to have kill switch, which is to disconnect you in case your server connection is broken. Moreover, a reliable service should store no logging or metadata and ask for filling in your true email address and password during the signing up process.

So, having made sure your service offers a vast variety of server locations, strong encryption protocols, unlimited bandwidth, trial version or money-back guarantee, support of different payment methods, 24/7 professional technical group assistance, you are free to subscribe for it without any hesitations.