How to use a VPN on Android for free internet?

From a user: Hi, I need your help. The thing is that I’ve never faced any problems with internet freedom. Probably, our online activity in the US is monitored and eavesdropped, but I’ve never come across any problems except viruses and some websites blocking. Unfortunately, I have to live in Canada for two months and all my favorite streaming channels and some apps are blocked here. So, how can I get out of the problem?

Thanks for your question. You are right, unfortunately, the definition of internet freedom has become something nominal, but not real. Many countries and resources implement censorship and geo-restrictions with different needs. Some of them try to save their copyright and commercial profit, whereas the others are afraid of speaking out and neglecting cultural and religious traditions. Good news is that computer engineers created a VPN fifteen years ago and it is being constantly enhanced. Therefore, if you need to use a service for free internet, you need to find the best VPN for Android.

Before thinking about how to use a service, you should choose a good one. So, here are some tips for a right choice you need to know about. A good VPN should offer:

  • a vast variety of server locations, so that you can connect to one of the US servers and surf your ‘home’ network when being in Canada.
  • strong encryption protocols, which is essential for your confidential data, such as bank accounts or other passwords, to be thoroughly protected from computer fraudsters.
  • unlimited bandwidth and speed; if you want to unblock the US streaming services and watch them in a high quality from Canada without any lags or hits, you need a service that offers limitless speed and bandwidth.
  • trial version or money-back guarantee, which is great for your budget safeness.
  • 24/7 professional technical group assistance, which can help you at any moment you need it.

So, having chosen a service, you need to subscribe for it, download an app and enjoy internet freedom.