How to uninstall Private Internet Access?

Actually there are at least two main cases when you need to delete the app. The first case occurs if you have subscribed for PIA VPN and installed a wrong application, which is incompatible with your device’s system. Another case is when you have downloaded the app installed it and realized that it doesn’t meet your expectations. In both cases you need to delete the installed application.

In any case it should be mentioned that PIA service is one of the best in the niche. Therefore, before deleting it you need to add up all the pros and cons. As you know, all the packages offer a 24/7 customer support, limitless bandwidth and speed and a 7-day money-back guarantee. The service also allows up to 6 connections simultaneously.

As soon as you have subscribed for the service for the first time ad ready to disconnect it, you have a possibility to receive your money back. However, you need to read all the terms of usage and privacy policy before sending a confirmation letter, as soon as there are some services that offer the guarantee only in cases when a definite bandwidth is not exceeded.

If you are still doubting whether to disconnect it or not, you have a possibility to contact the support team, which is to give you a complete answer to all questions you have. Providing that you just have to download another app suitable for some other OS than yours, you have to delete all the ‘tails’ ‘from program and files’ section of your device’s hard disk. Such as there were, the service is great for using it for different purposes, such as avoiding geo-blocking and making your network protected from multiple online threats.