How to understand a VPN is good for Canada by testing a free trial?

From a customer: I need a VPN for accessing some geo-restricted services in Canada. Tell me, please, how to get that a VPN is suitable while testing a free trial. Thanks.

Thanks for your question. So, the task is pretty challenging as you need a VPN for watching streaming service, as it is seen from the question. The fact is that many VPN companies restrict their free trials in services. Besides a restricted testing period there are such challenges as limited bandwidth, speed and servers accessibility. In case if you have found a service that provides limitless free trial package, you need to test your average speed rates without a VPN connection and with it. After that you need to compare the showings and make up some conclusions. Actually any VPN will slow down your average speed a little. Therefore, you need to have a good internet performance to run a VPN for watching streaming services in a high quality. Also it is useful to test different server connections to see how it influences your speed rates. Actually while living in Canada accessing to the US based servers is an optimal decision for unblocking access to such channels as Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and etc. Nevertheless, it requires exploration. Provided that a free trial package is limited in bandwidth and speed, you will have to run some additional services to check out the speed rates instead of watching some video online, as you may overcome the bandwidth limits and will be disconnected from the package before the expiring period. Actually there are some ready-made decisions for you on our website. You can look through the best VPNs for Canada and decide on any of the tested services for the region. So, we wish you luck and patience while choosing an appropriate service.