How to torrent anonymously with Ivacy VPN?

More and more web sites for streaming video on the Internet appear on a regular basis. And it is the fact that people want to get access to such streaming services from every corner of the world. But unfortunately the residents of particular countries are bare of this opportunity. The reasons are diverse: some countries follow a very strict policy according to which fixed topics must not be covered. Thus, the video with such content will be blocked. One more reason to ban some services is censorship. Any censored information (whether it is contained in a movie or a cartoon) will be inaccessible for the residents of such countries.

Ivacy VPN will help to overcome this barrier to make people’s lives more entertaining.

Several simple steps to pass by such restrictions with Ivacy exist.

  •  First and foremost, it is necessary to subscribe Ivacy VPN. But before it a user is to identify the most suitable for him or her plan. Ivacy proposes alternatives, so one can pay from $2.04 up to $9.95 for a month subscription.
  •  The next step is to download VPN and install it on a devise. It will not take up much time.
  •  After successful running of Ivacy, a user is to choose a location. In other words user’s IP is changed into another one. Usually an IP a user has chosen is located abroad. In this connection it is necessary to choose the country, where the restrictions mentioned above are not significant.
  •  Find the desired streaming web site and enjoy as if you are a resident of a chosen country.

Ivacy VPN not only gives access to the blocked streaming web sites but also to the content it contains as the libraries of a web site can differ a lot depending on the country.