How to setup VPN for school Wi-Fi?

School WifiSo, if you need to set up a top VPN for school, firstly you should decide what kind of a service you need. There are two main types of them related to pricing: free and paid services. If you are a pupil and don’t have enough money, you need a free one. If you are a student and have enough pocket money, you’d better pay attention to cheap services rather than to free ones. So, having decided on that, you need to choose what device or devices you will run at school or college. Provided that you want to setup a tool for several devices at a time, you should look at VPNs that allow connecting up to 3 devices simultaneously. If you don’t have enough money for a paid tool and need to connect several devices simultaneously, you can choose a trial version of a prepaid service. The bad news is that a free trial version of a service is limited in usage period, but sometimes the period is up to month period, which is pretty enough.

Having solved all these questions, you need to make sure a VPN you choose is compatible with your OSes. In case if you have Android based smart phone and Mac based tablet, you will have to download two different apps of one and the same service correspondingly. So, make sure the service supports both the systems. To the extent that all your devices are based on the same platform, you need to download one and the same app for each of them. After that you have to either pay for the service or just subscribe for it. Make sure the service doesn’t ask too much of your personal data, as it may seem suspicious. After all the preparations are made, you are free to choose any of the listed servers and unblock your school restricted internet. And one more moment, having decided to run a free app, you will have to make all the settings without any professional assistance.